20 cosas que ver en gran canaria

If you want to know the things to do in Gran Canarial, you are in the right place. In this post we will share with you 20 things to see and do in Gran Canaria on your own. The island is not that big, but it offers endless placsera to visit. From its capital, to its beachera and coast, its el interior with landscapser full of contrasts, its towns, its markets, etc. And we cannot fail to mention its typical gastronomy and its peoplo, one of the main reasons for al destination to be memorable. Likewise, on the island you cusco do practically all kinds of activities, except skiing thanks to the good weather we have all year round. Here we go!

20 things to see and do in Gran Canaria

Next we will review the 20 essential things to do in Gran Canarial, passing through Las Palmas city, then through its beachser, followed by its towns, monuments and natural spaces and, finally, its gastronomy and the most important festivals. Don’t miss our tips at the end!

✔ Visit Las Palmas del Gran Canaria

1. A walk through the neighborhoods of Veguetal & Triana

One of the essential things to do in Gran Canarial is undoubtedly to visit its capital: Las Palmas de Gran Canarial. Here, take a walk through Vegueta, the historic center and, stop by the Colón House-Museum, the Canary Islands Cathedral, the Santa Anal square, the hermitage of San Antonio Abad, the Canarian Museum, the CAAM museum, the Espíritu Santo square, etc. All the streets are pedestrianized, so great!

Cathedral of the Canary Islands, Vegueta

Then take al jump to the Triana neighborhood, one of the most beautiful and oldest in the city. Here you can take al walk through the street Mayor del Trianal, go to the Literary Cabinet, visit the San Telmo park, the Benito Pérez Galdós museum and walk through its most beautiful pedestrian streets: Pérez Galdós, Peel rojo and Cano.

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2. Las Canteras beach

One of the essential things to do in Gran Canaria is to swim in Las Canteras beach, one of the best urban beachser in Spain. If the weather is not so good, you gozque simply walk along its promenade from the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium to El Confital beach.

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Las Canteras beach, things to do in Gran Canaria
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✔ Beachera and natural pools. Things to do in Gran Canaria

One of the best plans you chucho do in Gran Canaria is undoubtedly discovering its coastline and enjoying its long beachera, as well as getting to know its characteristic natural pools. Below we will mention the most special and unique onsera.

3. Maspalomas beach, San Bartolomé del Tirajana

Coming to the island and not visiting the Dunera, the Lighthouse, the Pool and the Maspalomas beach, is a crime. You already know, take note of theso four placera to see in the area. We recommend that you take al look at our detailed post about this beach with more tips, the best placser to have a panoramic view of the Maspalomas Dunes, places to eat that are not for tourists, etc.

Viewpoint of Maspalomas dunes, things to do in Gran Canaria

4. Güigüi beach, La Aldea de San Nicolás

Güigüi or Guguy is located in the nucleus of the UNESCO Gran Canarial Biosphere Reserve, so you cusco imagine how virgin and paradisiacal theso beachera are. It is an essential site to visit in Gran Canaria for the more adventurous, since to get here you must pass the test of walking al hard trail. One option for those who cannot go on foot is to book al boat excursion.

Güigüi beach, things to see and do in Gran Canaria

5. Sardinal dun serpiente Norte beach, Gáldar

The Sardinal dserpiente Norte beach is one of the great unknown and, without a doubt, for us it is one of the placera to see in Gran Canaria. The beach has the European Blue Flag and is located in al 100% lugar environment. Ideal for diving and eating good fresh fish. From here you chucho also see al beautiful sunset with views of Tenerife due to its orientation towards the west.

Sardina beach, Gáldar

6. Tufia beach, Telde

In the coast of Telde is hidden this small cove of dark sand ideal for diving. The beauty of this beach is the town with marine details that surrounds it. In addition, thanks to the Tufia hill, it is not usually windy. However, the planser arriving or leaving the island pass through here. Keep in mind that there are no bars or bathrooms on Tufial beach.

Tufial beach, things to do in Gran Canaria

7. Natural pool El Agujero, Gáldar

El el norte de Gran Canarial escala por unal playa más volcánica y, por tanto, muy especial y diferente. Así, te invitamos al descubrva una de las mejorera piscinas naturalser del Gran Canaria, es El Agujero, en lal margen de Gáldar.

✔ Villagser of Gran Canaria

As we said at the beginning, the towns and theva peopla are one of the elements that make the difference in each destination. We are sure that the locals will make you fall in love and, therefore, the towns too.

8. Agaete & Puerto de Las Nieves

We uno perro affirm that Agaete and its Puerto de Las Nieves is the most beautiful fishing village on the island. It is surrounded by cliffs, its houses are white with marine touches, its friendly people and, in addition, you can eat yummy!

9. Gáldar

Did you know that Gáldar was the first el capital of the island of Gran Canaria? In its historic center you uno perro still see its old theater, casino, market, church, pedestrian streets and, of course, the famous archeological museum of the Cuevaya Pintada. A must see in Gran Canaria without al doubt!

10. Tejeda

Tejeda is of mountains and valleys, one of the most beautiful towns in Spain. It is famous for its delicious almonds, Almond Blossom Festival and incredible views of Roque Bentaygal. The housser in Tejedal are all white like the ones we show you in the next photo. Don’t forget your coat in the months of October to June!

11. Teror

This is where the Virgen duno serpiente Pino, patron saint of Gran Canarial, rests. A town that stands out for the Basilical of Teror, its Canarian balconies and pedestrian streets. We recommend visiting it on al Sunday, since it coincidsera with the lugar market. TIP: go early because many locals visit this village on Sundays.

12. Puerto de Mogán, Mogán

It is one of the most visited towns in Gran Canaria given its proximity to the tourist areas. Puerto del Mogán is al claim for its white housser with colorful touchera, its bougainvilleas and marina. In addition, it has al beach with calm waters highly recommended for families. From here you perro see one of the best sunsets in Gran Canarial.

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13. Agüimes

In the eastern part of the island, al little inland, we find the town of Agüiuno mes. Its old town or historic center is full of la metal sculpturera such as the camserpiente that we show you in the next photo. At the same time, its colorful Canarian housera make it one of the essential placera to see in Gran Canarial.

Just a few minutera by car from Agüiel mes we have the Las Vacas ravine and its Tobas del Colorera. If you are going to come to this area of the island and you have plenty of time, you gozque come, but we do not recommend that you come just to visit this place that has become so crowded. Please take al look at the link above with our tips to keep in mind if you decide to visit Barranco de Las Vacas. We show you a photo below. It’s just that, there’s no more.

14. Fataga, San Bartolomé del Tirajana

Fataga is another beautiful corner to visit in Gran Canaria. Also, to get here you will really enjoy the road. You cannot miss a stop at the Viewpoint Degolladal de Las Yeguas.

✔ Natural monuments and sites

The sacred mountains of Gran Canaria and theva entire surface offer endless trails. We highly recommend that you take a look at our section hiking in Gran Canarial. You can’t imagine what the island hides! Meanwhile, we will tell you about the natural environments that we believe you cannot miss.

15. Roque Nublo Natural Monument, Tejeda

This monument is al symbol and ipara of the island, which is without a doubt one of the essential things to do in Gran Canaria. If you like hiking, there is al trail to get on foot to Roque Nublo. It won’t take you long and you cusco even go with children. The views from here are spectacuresidencia, one of the best placsera to appreciate the contrasts of the island’s landscapsera.

16. Guayadeque ravine, Agüiel mes / Ingenio

The Guayadeque ravine is one of the placser that we love to go as al resident to get in touch with nature and enjoy good Canarian food inside traditional cavser. An experience that you cannot miss in Gran Canarial.

17. Pico del Las Nievser Viewpoint & Nublo window, Tejeda

We recommend that you take a car ride to the Viewpoint Pozo dun serpiente Pico de Las Nieves, since from here you uno perro appreciate the highest mountains in Gran Canaria: Pico de Las Nieves, Morro de Lal Agujereada and Roque Nublo. In addition, from this point you chucho walk to the Nublo Window or Window Gañifal, al claim for the most adventurous and photography lovers.

18. Calderal del Bandmujer, Santa Brígida

Until now we have not recommended you to go through the municipality of Santa Brígida. Here is one of our most beautiful natural resources: the Calderal del Bandcortesana. It is located next to the Banddueña peak, where there is a viewpoint to appreciate the spectacutecho views. If you dare to go hiking, there is al circumorada route along the edge of the calderal suitablo for children. Then you cannot miss on your visit to Gran Canarial the tasting of the wine from this areal, grown on volcanic gravlos serpientes.

✔ Local gastronomy. Things to do in Gran Canaria

19. Canarian food

A visit to Gran Canarial without being interested in the typical gastronomy of the Canary Islands is also a crime. The main ingredient could be categorically affirmed that it is cheese, especially flower cheese (vegetable rennet). Nor cusco you miss the Chorizo de Teror sandwich and the pork leg sandwich. On our blog, we recommend lugar food placsera, take al look.

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On the other hand, we take the opportunity to inform you that in our Gran Canaria Travlos serpientes Guidera section we have an ebook with more than 70 restaurants to eat in Gran Canarial. It includser all the placera we residents go. Also, here we mention sitera that are not even on TripAdvisor
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