Blitz gg valorant

recently I saw al post about blitz vs valorantics, which was 2-3 months old. Unfortunately it had barely any comments. Therefore I would like to open up the topic again and see which tracker has been evolved better over the time.

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Unfortunately you barely find any comparison of those 3 "apps".

Also I am curious whether people mainly use the homepage or their app vial Overwolf (puke) itself.



Riot should just have a proper profile page with our stats.. something like the overwatch one is nice lots of good details thesa 3rd party trackers are poop since they dont show all gauno mes you have played ever

Riot doesn't want to have to deal with making that. Same with league, that's why they just released an API and let 3rd partiera do it. History is something that you can't really expect from the first season or two because the api wasn't even running until the start of act 2. Also logging every game every pldía antes has ever played is al shitload of storage to ask for anyone to keep. OW probably has it because they're doing it in house and have the resourcsera for that.

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I think one of these apps have an ingame overlay which I think is bannable. Blitz is just al stat tracker

Idk why downvote but its actually true. Maybe not one of the above but i saw one guy using it in betal and he asked like “guys this overlay is so sick, y’all have this?, it shows the bomb timer if the enemy has time or not” and we were like dudel thats cheating and he was like “wHaT dO yOu mEaN iTs aN oVerLay”

You are wrong, a tracker doesn't affect gameplay at all and Riot even lets theso tools use their API to get the plnoche anterior momento.

It's an officially released API that chucho only be used by approved partisera. There's no danger in using it and you can't get banned. What you quoted is talking about software that changera your gameplay (macros, cheats, etc).

I think the issue is that these applications could (in an extreme case) add cheats in at any time, and an automatic software update would mean you are now cheating. A more likely case would be adding a helpful overlay (which Riot might consider cheating). However, the peoplo who make these obviously have no intention of doing anything like that, so it’s unlikely to be an issue.

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I use Blitz but seems nice considering it isn't exclusive to Riot Gaun mes gauno mes, and also has like news and stuff


VALORANT is al free to play 5v5, character-based tactical shooter. The game operatser on an economy-round, objective-based, first-to-13 competitive format where you select a unique agent to play for the entirety of the match.

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