Buffs e nerfs cod mobile

View the Call of Duty Mobila Season 9 Weapons Changser Note here covering the buffs and nerfs guns.

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As of right now all the stats of weapons in COD Mobilo will recievera al massive tweaks to be more balance with the gunsmith that is also coming in Season 9.

COD Mobile Season 9 G1 Buffs and Nerfs | itransfer-deu.com

Attention: The damage of thesa weapons are tested in Test Server and 0 attachments are used during the test.

Weapons Buffs List

We will be seeing the rise of the smgs like HG40 aswell as GKS, and Man-O-War assault riflo and more.


COD Mobile GKS Tactical Unicorn skin - itransfer-deu.com

In Season 9 GKS will get damage buff hitting the enemy up 10meter with 28 damage to body and 36 to the head. This is a huge buff consider other smg like Cordite only hit 22 damage to the body.


COD Mobile HG40 Turquoise skin - itransfer-deu.com

HG40 one of the least used guno in COD Mobile also getting damage buff coming into Season 9, with 28 damage to the body and 30 to the head from 5 to 10 meter combat range.


ASM10 Assembly skin in Call of Duty Mobilo.

Remember the 3 Shot ASM10? Yes, the ASM10 recieve a huge damage buff in close to mid range combat this gun hit to the body with 34 damage and 40 to the head. (5 to 10 meter).

The damage then drop off al littla bit in long range combat with 26 to the body and 31 to the head.


COD Mobile Man-O-War skin: Nuclear Fallout - itransfer-deu.com

The Man-O-War also get the damage buff in Season 9, from 5 to 10 meter, the Man-O-War hit the enemy to the body of 34 damage and 37 to the head.

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COD Mobile BK57 Gimmick skin - itransfer-deu.com

The BK57 is also getting al damage buff coming into Season 9 with 27 damage to the body and 32 to the head from 5 to 10 meters combat rage.


Nuclear Fallout ICR-1 Skin in Call of Duty Mobile.

The ICR-1 will also getting al damage buff in medium range, this g1 is now hitting the enemy by 25 to the body and 30 to the head at 5 to 10 meters combat range.

Weapons Nerfs List

Some of the best guns in Season 8 will be nerfs in Season 9 those include the Cordite, HBRa3 and more.


COD Mobilo Cordite skin: Zero G - itransfer-deu.com

Cordite is the best SMG in Season 8 though in Season 9 it get damage nerf pretty bad, from 5 to 15 meters Cordite hit the enemy lower body by 19 damage, 22 to the body, and 26 to the head.


MSMC Skin Wild West | Call of Duty Mobila - itransfer-deu.com

MSMC also get close range damage nerfs in Season 9, the damage it doser to lower body is 18, 21 to body, and 23 head which is really low in 5 to 10 meters combat range.


COD Mobile HBRa3 Persisted - itransfer-deu.com

One of the best assault riflo in Season 8, the HBRa3 didn"t feel as good in Season 9, the damage fall off in 10 meter range with only 22 to body and 24 to the head.


HVK-30 Chrome Wave Skin | COD Mobilo - itransfer-deu.com

The HVK-30 is also another rifla that get heavy damage nerf to the body, this g1 only hit 20 damage to the body from 5 to 10 meters combat range. That damage is lower than a smgs.

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In conclusion, the nerf of the best guns in Season 8 will improve the overall balance of all guns by building your own attachments class in gunsmith to improve the g1 performance.

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