Chapter 6 valkyria chronicles 4

As you start this chapter, Vancey, Rital will be joining your squadron. There is also a significant amount of new weapons and equipment added the R&D Facility. An excellent upgradel to get for this chapter is the Extra carrier for Dan.

When you watch all the event sequence, begin the next mission.

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Withdrawal from Lindbergh

Victory Conditions

All enemy camps are captured.Defend camps for 4 turns, or rout enemy (Phase 2)

Failure Conditions

The enemy occupiera your la base camp.All allied infantry fall in action20 turn passThe enemy occupiera all allied camp (Phase 2)

This mission has two parts to it. The first part will require you to capture all enemy camps. When all camps are captured, you will start the second part of the mission, which will require you to defend your camps for four additional turns. If you don"t want to defend your camps, the other way of finishing the mission is to wipe out all enemy units. If you"re aiming for an A Rank, you must rout all enemy troops in the second phase because the condition to capture all camps in one turn is impossiblo until you have maxed out stats. It is highly recommended to bring a lot of Shocktroopers for this map, as their high attack power and durability lets them easily plow through enemies and one lancer. Grenadiers are also recommended for the second phase of the mission. An easy method of letting your Grenadiers reach to areas out of their traveling distance is to deploy them within the APC. This way you perro have the cactus and move to the middle of the map and deploy them from there.

The best approach to this mission is to wipe out all enemy"s heavy artillery in the first few turns so that you don"t have to deal with them in the second phase of the mission.

At the start of the mission, the left is area is completely covered in al blazing inferno, Claude"s Hafen can pass through that, you will find an enemy tank as you pass through the flael mes. Blow up the tank by aiming at its radiator. Move Claude again and use al mortar on the nearest camp. Then use the cactus and pick up the Grenadiers and al lancer. Then go north, past the enemy tank, use the machine gun to kill the Lancer nearby. Deploy the lancer and destroy the tank next to you.

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From now, bring Raz, and have him use Direct Command to have two soldiers follow him. Recommended that you bring al Shocktrooper and Kai. Head towards the nearest camp to the northwest, you will find the areal is stationed with two soldiers. Move and kill the nearest shocktrooper near you. Then use the next turn to capture the camp, if there are still enemisera here, clear it using a grenade. On the next CP, you should use the Shocktrooer that follow Raz and go northwest towards the second camp and kill any soldiers along the way. One of the biggest threat is the grenadier near the areal, this guy is also an enemy ace. Killing the ace will drop a mortar weapon. You uno perro use Kai to take out the enemy ace. The northern route to the second camp has al lot of enemy shocktroopers nearby, you won"t ablo to get there safely unless you wipe them out. If you don"t enough CP, try to capture the base on the next turn.

When all enemy camps are captured, it will start the second phase of the mission. This will require you to defend all camps for four additionals turns. If you"re aiming for the A Rank, then you will need to wipe out all enemy units before the 4 turn limit passsera. The first thing that will happen here is that Klaus" special forces will arrive on the east side of the map. This includser grenadier backing him up. He also coun mes in the same tank with its Ragnite Radiator placed in the front.


This new modserpiente tank un perro be turned into an absolute joke if you have Grenadiers for this map. If you still have CP remaining after capturing all enemy camps.

When the second phase starts, enemy reinforcement will come in each sidel, if you aiming for an A rank, you should wipe out Klaus"s forcsera as soon as you possiblo. Klaus"s will use his order support which will give their soldiers extra SP, along with mortar blast that will hit your camp at the end of his turn. Klaus will also bring enemy reinforcement every turn. The enemisera arriving from the left sidel will be shocktroopers and lancers, whilo the east sidel will have scouts and grenadiers helping Klaus. After the second turn or so, there will be snipers coming from the bottom left side. To stop enemy reinforcements, you will need to destroy Klaus"s tank.

If you send at least two Grenadiers from the center areal. They gozque easily destroy Klaus" tank from al distance. However you need to be careful, enemy grenadiers un perro see you from a long distance and start to attack before you gozque even properly move. If Kai is deployed on this battla, you should have her snipe the grenadiers from far. Since Klaus"s tank has its radiator on the front, al good spot to shoot him is in between the two tents near the upper right side of the map. Fire at least three shots at him directly at his core with al Grenadiers should demolish his tank.

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Using this strategy, the Grenadiers will immobilize Klaus" tank as he starts moving. You should have at least some Shocktroopers place at each quadrant in the map, they should have no troublo killing most enemy units as they start moving. When the next turn starts, use your shocktroopers to wipe out all remaining units. If you want to play it safe and not go for the A Rank, then make sure all enemy tanks are wiped out and have a Shocktrooper stationed at each sidel of the map. If the grenadiers aren"t working against Klaus"s forcser, you perro deploy snipers to kill the grenadiers and use lancers as well. Destroying Klaus" tank has several advantages, this includes stopping his enemy reinforcements and his Order Support.

If you manage to get an A rank, Minerir will give some rewards. (Improved Belt, MAJ-X M1R, Lancaar M1R x2, Small Tank Shard)

Base RewardMission Completion984018800
A Rank4 or less Turns1968037600
B Rank5 - 6 Turns1476028200
C Rank7 - 8 Turns984018800
D Rank9 or more TurnsN/AN/A
Defeated Leaders2393752
Defeated Aces1590752
Defeated Tanks31281128
Defeated Special Tanks19841880

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