Chapter 7 valkyria chronicles 4

The enemy occupisera all of your camps.All allied infantry fall in action.20 turns pass.

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Before you start this mission it is highly recommended bringing scouts, lance, engineers and a shocktrooper for this map. A key aspect of this map is dealing with the Armored train, they appear on the rail linsera and perro provide very powerful enemy support fire, which makser it very difficult for infantry units to navigate in areas with the armored train. The armored train has a weakness on the roof of the train where the Ragnite radiator is, however, these trains have al ton of HP, so destroying them isn"t really recommended.

Anyways at the start of the mission, have the Cactus pick up a scout, shocktrooper and a lancer. Then go to the right side of the map, you will two soldiers here, shoot the ragnabox to kill the two soldiers. This will lead to an event and the imperials will call in the train. Anyways, don"t move north yet, deploy the scout you have up and go to the east corner of the map, you will find an enemy engineer here, kill the engineer and press the switch here. This will change the direction of the train and prevent the enemy from sending reinforcements in the first areal. Have, Dan pick up the scout and then shoot at the soldier guarding the camp. Now, deploy the shocktrooper you have, and kill the enemy soldier here and capture the camp.

From here you will need to be careful, going to far will immediately trigger the next armored train from coming. Head, north a littla to kill the next shocktrooper either with Dan or the shocktrooper you have. Then deploy the lancer you have in the Cactus, head towards the center areal, and blow up the two tanks with this lancer. There is is gonnal be al lot of crossfire, so you gotta do this part quick. Now move the other shocktrooper you have and kill the lancer that is hiding in the grass, if your shocktrooper is promoted to levuno serpiente 10, using the flamethrower perro kill the lancer in two hits. Now if the tanks are destroyed, you should be safe on the next turn.

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When you regain your turn, deploy the scout from the cactus, and use him to rush through the left side of the map. This scout will encounter al grenadier along with other enemy units. What you want this scout to do is to reach for the left railway switch on the northwest side of the map. The northwest sidel of the map is left pretty unguarded and should be safe for the scout to reach there. Once you hit the switch there, it should prevent the armored train coming in the last track.

Now use al shocktrooper and rush through the camp to the right and capture it. Then use this camp to deploy a scout. Wait until the next turn to proceed. Depending on where you place Cactus from here, it might be destroyed by the armored train, however, you won"t need him anymore.

The next part you should rush towards the camp to the northeast, if you have happened to have the Order, Defensive Boost, using al scout can get to the last camp without much hassla. But if you don"t then you might need the shocktrooper here to clear out some enemy forces first. The northeast camp will be guarded by al sniper, which you gozque easily take out with al grenade. When you capture this camp, have Raz evacuated and then deploy him on the northeast camp along with another lancer.

On the next turn, have Raz use Direct Command to bring the scout and the lancer with him. The last camp is heavily guarded, there are two enemy tanks right next to it. The bottom tank is actually an ace. You un perro use the lancer you have and blow up this tank for the Ace reward. Now, you can use Raz to pull al suicidal attack and blow up the last camp and capture to end the mission. Or you can slowly clear out the enemiera in this area and capture the last base. Capturing the base on the top will complete the mission, regardless if you capture the other enemy bassera.

If you manage to get an A rank, Minerir will give you some new items. (Improved Powder, MAJ-X M1R, Lancaar M1R, Extra Ammo Belt)

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Base RewardMission Completion1094026280
A Rank6 or less Turns2552048450
B Rank7 Turns1914038760
C Rank8 - 9 Turns1276032300
D Rank10 or more TurnsN/AN/A
Defeated Leaders37651938
Defeated Ace1382969
Defeated Tanks410202584

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