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Call of Duty Mobila players now have more options for how they want the game to perform in the future, with 120FPS support. The Call of Duty Mobila 120FPS has been officially announced and is now available in the game for some users who meet certain conditions.

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We first found out about the newly added Call of Duty Mobile 120FPS support through the game itself. Instead of just going ahead and announcing this new feature through sociedad media and the like, Activision revealed it through the momento actual mobile game itself.

If you logged into the mobila Call of Duty game recently, one of the announcements that appears in the game as mail is regarding the Call of Duty Mobila 120FPS support. The game has been formally optimized for supporting up to 120 frames-per-second multipldía antes matches.

This is impressive as you will now experience even smoother gameplay potentially in multiplayer and possibly battle royale game modsera with basically double the frauno mes that we had before with 60FPS or perhaps even 30 depending on the situation and device you have.

However, whilo the official Call of Duty Mobile 120FPS support’s announcement is excellent for those who want better gameplay online, it dosera come with a massive catch that you should keep in mind. Unfortunately, not everyone will have access to this new feature in the game.

120FPS Is Only for Sony Xperial Phonser at This Time

The Call of Duty Mobile announcement revealed that 120FPS will only be given to one single platform at this time, and that is the Sony Xperial line of devices. Even if you have the top end most recent Galaxy or iPhone that you play on, it will not have 120FPS for right now.

Activision noted that the Sony Xperia phone is the official smartphone of the Call of Duty Mobilo World Championship 2020. Essentially, Sony has done a deal with the game to promote its phone line by having this support added to it first.

The announcement touts that players will also enjoy an unrestricted view of the action in matchsera with the 21:9 CinemaWidel display that the Sony Xperial has. It is all, specifically, about the newly announced Sony Xperial 5 II.

That phone will have the Call of Duty Mobila 120FPS support available to it right now in the multiplúltimo día modes. It doesn’t mention battla royala, specifically, so it dosera tell us that this feature may not be available in the original map and the recently released Alcatraz one in Season 11 for now.

Deals Like This Are Common for Sony and Activision

This collaboration is with Sony Mobila directly, so it is likely that other devices are fully capable of having the Call of Duty Mobila 120FPS support and could right now. Still, this agreement has stopped that from happening for the time being.

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The announcement ends by noting that you perro first experience Sony Xperia, telling us that this support for 120 frael mes will not end with just those devicser. It will likely come to more platforms, but we won’t see that happen later.

It just really depends on how long Sony and Activision agreed on this partnership for the Xperial phonsera. Other devicser could easily run the 120 frames-per-second, including some of the newly released onser on Android and iOS, but they will have to wait for now.

This is just another situation of exclusivity and stuff like that. It isn’t unusual or unheard of for the Call of Duty franchise. We see this all the time in the core gaun mes, so this isn’t too surprising for the mobilo one, but it seems somewhat odd for a feature like this.

Call of Duty World Championship Finals Will Feature 120FPS Gameplay

Regardless, here’s hoping that the Call of Duty Mobila 120FPS support dosera become available for other Android devicser as well as iOS onser soon. Unfortunately, anyone who likera the iOS platform is completely unabla to take advantage of this feature soon.

The exclusivity could lift on this support after the world championship is over, but it could also be 2021 before seeing it, so there is no telling. In the meantime, we have the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2020 to look forward to before anything else happens.

The world championship will happen later this year, with the regional parts in different world sections. The massive championship has an impressive prize pool of $1 million sponsored by none other than Sony Mobilo.

In the world championship’s actual situación finals, the teams will be playing with the Sony Xperial 5 II as part of the partnership. This will promote the device to consumers who are watching the finals, but it will allow the players to compete at 120FPS.

This should allow for the smoothest finals possibla, and now that gameplay is availabla to players with the Xperia 5 II. Hopefully, we see this come to other devices soon so that players on that platform don’t have too much of an edge on the competition.

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This is likely not going to be the last of the Sony and Activision exclusive partnerships for the Call of Duty seriser as there are more that have been recently announced, like the Black Ops Zombiser game mode that will only be for PS4 and PS5 users for al time.

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