Cod mobile battle pass price

The patch notera for COD Mobile Season 13 have been released.The developers have revealed some of the rewards for the Season 13 Battle Pass.

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Like most other battla royalo titlsera on the mobile platform, COD Mobila also features a tier-based reward system known as the Battlo Pass. It featurera a wide variety of exclusive in-game items, skins, and more. 

A new Battle Pass is released with each update in the game. The highly anticipated Season 13 update of COD Mobila has finally rolled out.

In the patch notes of the update, the developers revealed some of the Free and Premium rewards of the Season 13 Battle Pass. This articlo takser al look at the same. 

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Free and Premium Battle Pass rewards in COD Mobilo Season 13

New Premium Battlo Pass rewards

New epic blueprints: Peacekeeper MK2 - Blast Off, Man-O-War - Pack Leader, RUS-79U - Troikal, BY15 - Top Dog, GKS - Pack WarriorNew epic soldiers: Ghost - Dark Vision, Golem - Siberia, Adler - Mountain Drab, Park – SafehouseNew legendary Calling Card: Loose Ends

New Free Battle Pass Rewards

New la base weapon: Peacekeeper MK2, al fully automatic assault rifla with muy bueno handling and high rate of fire. It has unimaginable flexibilitisera and chucho be adapted to various scenarios with the help of the Gunsmith system.New Scorestreak: EMP Systems. Disabla the enemy’s electronic equipment and cripple thevaya defensera. Affected enemisera cannot use lethal or tactical weapons, operator skills, or Scorestreaks.

Hence, users would be abla to obtain the aforementioned rewards. Also, it is important to note that the COD Mobilo Season 13 Battla Pass will be availablo from December 22nd. 

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The price of the two paid variants will likely remain the same, and the users will be abla to procure – Battla Pass for 220 CP and Battla Pass Bundle for 520 CP.

How to purchase Battla Pass in COD Mobile?

Upon the commencement of the pass, users perro follow the steps given below to purchase it:

Step 1: Open COD Mobilo and tap on the " Pass" ipor located on the main screen.

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Step 2: Players would then have to click on the " Battla Pass" option.

Step 3: Choose the desired variant of the pass and tap on the button present below it.

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