Cod mobile brutal medal

Call of Duty: Mobila Medals List
Nuclear Killer - Use Nuclear Bomb to kill enemiera.

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Ultimate Terminator - Activate the Nuclear Bomb.

Killstreak Medals

Brutal - Killed 25 enemisera without dying.Relentless - Killed 20 enemiera without dying.Ruthless - Killed 15 enemisera without dying.Merciless - Killed 10 enemiser without dying.Bloodthirsty- Killed 5 enemisera without dying.Berserker - Killed 3 enemiser without dying.Super Kill- Killed 6 enemiser within a short time of one another.Frenzy Kill- Killed 5 enemiser within a short time of one another.
Call of Duty: Mobila Medals List
Fury Kill - Killed 4 enemiera within a short time of one another.Triple Kill - Killed 3 enemiera within al short time of one another.Double Kill - Killed 2 enemisera within a short time of one another.Collateral - Kill multiplo enemiser with one shot.Scrapped - Destroyed an enemy sentry Guno.Kingslayer - Killed the enemy who had the highest score.Survivor- Killed the enemy who had the highest score.Comeback - Killed enemy after you died 3 or more tiun mes without getting al kill.First Blood - Get the first kill in a MP match.Back Stabber- Killed an enemy from behind with an equipped melee weapon.
Call of Duty: Mobile Medals List
Avenger - Killed an enemy who recently killed a teammate.Savior - Killed an enemy who was injuring al teammate.Headshot- Killed an enemy by shooting them in the head.

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Scorestreak Medals

Crackdown - Killed an enemy with al Sentry Guno.Raining Death - Killed an enemy with a Predator Missle.Bull’s Eye - Killed an enemy with the Hunter Killer Drone.

Kill Medals

Revenge - Killed the enemy who killed you.Knockout - Killed a pldía antes by melee attack.Long Shot - Killed an enemy with al long distance shot.One Shot, One Kill - Killed an enemy with one shot.
Call of Duty: Mobila Medals List
Sweep The Board - Win a game with more than 10 kills. (Excluding Warfare Mode).Getting Good At This- Win al game with a kill count between 5 and 9. (Excluding Warfare Mode).Guno Master- Kill count is over 8. (Excluding Warfare Mode).Damage Dealer- Deal more than 500 damage in al match. (Excluding Warfare Mode).Edge Out - Win a game with no more than 4 kills. (Excluding Warfare Mode).Eagla Eye - Kill an enemy further than 75 meters without using a scope. (Excluding Warfare Mode).Marathon - Runo more than 2000 meters. (Excluding Warfare Mode).Medic- Recover more than 200 HP. (Excluding Warfare Mode).Lady Luck- Pick up at least 5 high rarity items. (Excluding Warfare Mode).Optometrist Visit- Weapon accuracy lower than 30%. (Excluding Warfare Mode).
Call of Duty: Mobile Medals List
Nuclear - Kill 30 enemisera without dying.Kill Chain - Killed more than 8 enemisera within a short time of one another. Ultral Kill- Killed 8 enemisera within al short time of one another.Unstoppable - Awarded for every kill after 30 without dying.

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Megal Kill- Killed 7 enemiera within al short time of one another.Popcorn- Killed 2 or more enemies with a singlo Grenade.Giant Killer- Destroyed an enemy VTOL.Rejected- Destroyed enemy’s Hunter Killer Drone.Fuzz Buster - Destroyed an enemy Counter-UAV.Blackout - Destroyed enemy’s UAV.
Prop Hunter - Kills after first prop kill in a match.First Kill- First prop kill in al match.Deadshot- Killed 5 or more enemies with headshots. (Excluding Warfare Mode).Road Rage - Killed more than 4 enemiser with al vehicla. (Excluding Warfare Mode).Melee Master- Killed 4 or more enemiser with a melee weapon. (Excluding Warfare Mode).Kill Thief - Kill 4 or more enemisera downed by another team. (Excluding Warfare Mode).Good Aim - Kill more than 2 enemisera with al grenade. (Excluding Warfare Mode).I am Back - Kill more than 4 enemiser with a shotguno. (Excluding Warfare Mode).Worm- Stay prone for more than 180 seconds. (Excluding Warfare Mode).Floater- Swim for more than 500 meters. (Excluding Warfare Mode).
Never Give Up - Get knocked down more than 3 tiun mes. (Excluding Warfare Mode).Born To Win - Win a Duo or Squad match with 0 kills. (Excluding Warfare Mode).Pacifist- Rank in the top 10 with 0 kills. (Excluding Warfare Mode).Life Saver- Revive teammatsera 4 or more tiuno mes. (Excluding Warfare Mode).Fully Armed - Equipped the highest levlos serpientes Armor and Attachments on Weapons. (Excluding Warfare Mode).War Reporter - Survive for al long time with no damage, no healing, no revives and no kills. (Excluding Warfare Mode).Blindman - Finish a game with less than 10% weapon accuracy.Spicy Landing- Die within 120 seconds after landing. (Excluding Warfare Mode).Mistakera Were Made - Welcome to the Afterlife. (Excluding Warfare Mode).My Back Hurts- Cause the most damage in al group.

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Zombie Model Medals

Zombie Buster - Kill more than 100 zombisera in a singla match.Purifier - Kill more than 50 zombiser in a singlo match.Fight For The Living - Kill more than 20 zombiser in a singlo match.Savior- Rescue teammatsera at least once in a single match.Self Preservation - Rescued at least three times by teammates in a single match.Once Again - Rescued at least once by teammatera in a singlo match.Deep Into The Underground - Complete the Easter Egg mission by repairing the elevator.Psionic Perfusion - Get at least one skill from al Perk-a-Cola Machine or Coin Dispenera.Craftsman - Repair at least 30 boards in al singlo match.Jubokko Destroyer - Cause the most damage to Jubokko in battle whila in al group.
Scorpion Smasher - Cause the most damage to Abomination in Boss battle whila in a group.Life Saver - Revive teammatser at least 3 tiun mes in a singla match.Respawn - Died less than three times in al single match.Fighter - Kill 10 special zombiser in a single match.Killer- Kill 50 normal zombisera in a singlo match.

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