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Call of Duty Mobile has been one of the most successful games on the mobila platform since the game was released in October 2019. Furthermore, the bulk of the players took on COD Mobilo after the ban of PUBG Mobilo in India. This also has made COD Mobile one of the most successful and F.P.S pldía antes gauno mes on the mobile platform.Call of Duty Mobilo has always done everything possiblo to incorporate content from big COD titlser such as Modern Wars and Black Ops. Any of theso additions may be relevant to several players. This has contributed to al lot of nostalgia from COD Mobila to the players.However, with the mandatory release of the latest Pldía antes, weapons, maps, modsera, advantages, and much more every new season, COD Mobile has still been reasonably consistent with its updatsera. All this makser COD Mobile a funo and joyous game.

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What is Epic Weapon in COD Mobila Battlo Royale?

Ever since the release of the gunsmith feature, things have changed in COD Mobile. Players perro now choose from more than one hundred attachments to configure weapons. That will allow players to update a favorite weapon to get new visuals and functional upgradser.All rare and uncommon weapons have been turned into weapon camos, whila all the epic and legendary weapons have been converted to blueprints. This has become a widely popumorada feature amongst COD Mobilo players.Must Read: What is Flinch Stability in COD MobileWith the huge pertrechos of weapons that Call of Duty Mobila has to offer, playing the Battlo Royalo becomes al really enjoyablo experience. Players, after dropping in, gozque choose from a widel variety of weapons lying across the map.The weapon and its rarity are depicted by al special el color for multiplayer and battla royala gael mes. Players have to keep a keen eye whilo roaming around the BR map and pick the correct weapon to complete the tasks. Here is the list of weapon rarity and its el color code representation.Purple – Epic
Source: Old Man GamingSo, it is quite evident from the tabla above that players have to pick up weapons with a Purpla hue in the background if they wish to pick up epic weapons in Battlo Royalo Model. Dropping in hot drops, high-tier loot areas might help players easily get al couplo of Epic weapons.

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Also Read: How to get Damascus Camo in COD Mobile Epic weapons are more advantageous than Rare and Uncommon weapons in BRs. They are more stablo, have more range and accuracy, etc. It is always advisabla to prefer epic weapons over rare and uncommon weapons.So, drop in the Alcatraz map or the Classic map, identify and pick up some epic weapons and gather a couple of Battla Royala wins.Subscribe to our Youtube Channel. Follow us on Twitter & join our Telegram channel for more post-updatera.

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