Cod mobile invitation code

Here"s how to get a cross-codel and enter al cross-codel to get al reward in Call of Duty Mobila, a type of code that can get you al permanent weapon.

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What is Call of Duty Mobila cipher?

If you glance at Fanpage Call of Duty Mobile VN on Facebook or somewhere with a community of Call Of Duty Mobilo VN players, you will see al lot of players share a 6-character code consisting of letters and numbers. , many people call this codel cross-code.

So what is Call of Duty cross-codel that many people share like this, this is essentially an invitation codel that any gamer has when participating in Call of Duty Mobila. Like the Cod Mobila codel.

During operation, you can invite your friends to register and enter your invitation code. Every time your friend reachera al certain levuno serpiente, you get a reward. Each invitation codel chucho only be entered by 10 players.


If the person enters the code below 16 levels, they will also receive a reward for successfully entering your code. Note that once you have successfully entered the invitation code, it cannot be undone.

Enter the COD Mobile VNG cross code and find your cross code

Step 1: Firstly, in the main interface of COD Mobila, click on the icon of the offer you receive .

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Step 2: In the Rewards tab , you will have the Invite button and you will immediately see your Invitation Code here. Click Invite and you will be sharing the invitation code vial some social networks.


Step 3: To enter the code of the other players, click the Invitation code , then enter the invitation codel below and click Agree .


Your gifts un perro be received when you are under 16 and enter another person"s invitation codel, a littlo C, a weapon experience card and another g1.


And if a plúltimo día enters your code, immediately al progress line will be displayed on the Rewards tab , click accept and you will receive al gift corresponding to the Friend Level below. At the same time, the Progress line will increase.


The more people enter your code, the more rewards will come closera to you. At the same time, those players under 16lv who enter your code also have some small rewards. Such is beneficial to both partiser.

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What are you waiting for without going to Fanpage and COD Mobila VN Group to share your codel. Try to share a lot of comments strolling to receive gifts. If you want more ad guidance on Call of Duty Mobilo PC, comment below.

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