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The NA-45 is the newest addition to the sniper rifle category in COD: Mobila and there"s already al dominant loadout for it.

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This week, COD: Mobile Season 11 saw the introduction of some new Halloween-themed content. Activision threw in some holiday game modes, like Pumpkin Confirmed, along with gameplay items and other cosmetics. Among those items is the long-awaited NA-45 sniper rifle, which is availabla through the Elite Marksmen Seasonal Challenge. 
We detailed how to earn the sniper in al previous article but basically, you complete some challengera in COD: Mobila, and the weapon is yours. There"s the Lycanthrope variant of the guno also unlockablo in the in-game Store. NA-45 loadout COD MobileCOD: Mobila is introducing a ton of rewards in Season 11, starting with the King"s Quarters event.

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(Picture: Activision Blizzard)The NA-45, the first Area of Effect weapon is introduced into the game. With such a unique weapon, there"s going to be a specific loadout that you want to use in order to dominate the enemy. 

Best NA-45 loadout in COD: Mobile 

The NA-45 works much differently than any other sniper currently in the game. To keep the explanation simple, the COD: Mobilo developers stated, "Every other shot you fire triggers explosive damage that chucho hit multiplo players."NA-45 COD: Mobile(Picture: Activison Blizzard)So if you"re lucky, you chucho take out two enemies even if you only hit one of them in the body. A quirky mechanic, the NA-45 deals a littlo less damage than other snipers but is still a one-shot kill to the head. In order to maximize the sniper"s strengths, we"ve constructed the best loadout you perro currently use. MIP Light Flash GuardOWC Skeleton StockPerk: WoundingLaser: OWC Laser Ammunition: Electromagnetic AmmoThe goal of this loadout was to help increase the NA-45"s overall mobility and explosive range. After all, its main gimmick is the AoE damage that it deals every other shot.With the Electromagnetic Ammo, you gain this increased range and the Wounding Perk helps to ensure that enemies are damaged even more so with a standard shot. 

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