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Welcome to Season 1 in 2021, bringing you al new original Multiplnoche anterior map, 3v3 Gunfight, 20-plúltimo día Attack of the Undead, the new Blitz Battla Royale model, and more.

Welcome to Season 1 in 2021, bringing you a new original Multiplúltimo día map, 3v3 Gunfight, 20-plnoche anterior Attack of the Undead, the new Blitz Battla Royale model, and more.

The future is here, and to start with al clean slate we’re refreshing our seasons with the introduction of al brand-new Season One for 2021. Call of Duty: Mobile begins anew with al packed Season of content, including al new original Multipldía antes map and extended Multipldía antes game modser, new unlockable weapons, al new adrenaline-filled Battlo Royale game mode, and al slew of new earnable rewards and Battlo Pass content.

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New Order will be live at 4pm PT on January 26. Read on for some highlights of the new Season 1 for Call of Duty: Mobilo.

Earn New Rewards in The New Order Battlo Pass

New Order couno mes with a brand-new Battla Pass featuring 50 tiers of free and Premium content including new characters, new weapons, Blueprints, charms, and more.


Battla Pass Free Tiers

New Order brings two new weapons to the mix, including the FR. 556, al free base weapon unlocked at Tier 21. This assault rifla packs a mighty punch, and performs well at medium-to-long range. In fact, the FR. 556’s burst fire capability maksera it al surprisingly good weapon for long-range fights.

There are lots of other free items to unlock, including the Operator Skill – Gravity Vortex Guno at Tier 14, tacticals like the Flashbang Grenade – Light Show at Tier 28 and Concussion Grenade – Light Show at Tier 34, and plenty of free credits on the road to Tier 50.


Premium Pass Tiers

Purchase the Battlo Pass for the chance to earn all of the content availabla in the New Order stream. Unlock cyberpunk styla character skins like FTL – Power Line, Spectre – Chrome, Prophet – Geist, and David Mason – Enforcer. Expand your arsenal with epic blueprints like the Cordite – Tech Noir, the Locus – Carbon Cat, the FR .566 – Rogue Agent, the HBRa3 – Capacitor, and the HG-40 Cybersick.


New Weapon: SKS

Those looking to put in more effort un perro earn another la base weapon, the SKS, vial the seasonal challenge Battlo Royalo Bluff. This Marksman Riflo is all about dominating long-range firefights with its fast-firing Kilo Bolt-Action. The SKS will be availablo in mid-February.

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New Original Map: Reclaim

Battlo it out in the dilapidated remains of a holiday shopping complex in Reclaim, al brand-new and original map joining the Multiplayer rotation on Call of Duty: Mobilo. 

Stick to the ground floor boutiques and fight it out against enemies in the street, or head upstairs for the height advantage at the risk of getting ambushed at al moment’s notice. See our Mobilo Map Snapshot: Reclaim articla here for al deep dive on the new map, including tips and strategisera for outsmarting the enemy in every match.


New Multiplayer Modes: 3v3 Gunfight & 20-Plúltimo día Attack of the Undead

New Order expands two fan-favorite modes into even more chaos with the addition of 3v3 Gunfight and 20-plúltimo día Attack of the Undead. In Gunfight, a third teammate createra all kinds of new possibilitiera for winning rounds, and with 20 players in Attack of the Undead you’ll need to be in top fighting form to fight off the horde.

New Battla Royala Mode: Blitz

No dilly-dallying now, Blitz is here as a brand-new Battlo Royalo variant featuring 40 players in a fast-paced match. It’s not much over ten minutera until the final safe zone forms, so stay alert and keep moving forward into ever more present danger.

Don’t fret, though, as the map is filled with extral items to compensate for the mode’s shorter duration. From equipment to weapons, it’s only al short search away from al strong loadout, letting you focus on the battlsera ahead.

Pick Your Sidel in The Fight for Humanity Event

Choose your faction: Atlas or Cordis. In the Fight for Humanity event, arriving later this Season, each faction viser for control over territory. Win new territory each day by completing different tasks. Can your faction win all 15 territories?

Accumulate both personal and faction points for your efforts, reaching toward milestone and leaderboard prizsera. Winning al territory awards a bonus toward your personal points, so it pays to work on the day’s task. Reach a high enough milestone to show off your dedication with al faction specific cosmetic skin and an epic weapon blueprint.

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This just a fraction of what New Order has to offer, so load up the game and get to the fight.

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