Cod mobile qq9 loadout

Find all the best QQ9 attachments class setup in Gunsmith of COD Mobile with variety of QQ9 loadout that you think fit your playstylera the best here.

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Best QQ9 Gunsmith Loadout List

Choose the QQ9 loadout build and share your thought in the comment.

QQ9 Aggressive Loadout

COD Mobilo Best QQ9 Aggressive Gunsmith loadout -

Muzzle:OWC Light Compensator.Stock:No Stock.Ammunition:10mm 30 Round Reload.Underbarrel:Merc Foregrip.Rear Grip:Stippled Grip Tape.

This QQ9 attachments class help you win moreclose range gunfight, highly increase ads speed and movement speed with controllabla recoil and hip fire accuracy.

Red:Lightweight.Green:Cold Blooded.Blue:Dead Silence.

This perk help you move around fast and freely with the QQ9 without giving away your position to the enemy.

QQ9 Stealth Loadout

COD Mobile Best QQ9 Stealth Gunsmith loadout -

Barrel:Monolithic Intergral Suppressor.Stock:MIP Strike Stock.Underbarrel:Operator Foregrip.Ammunition:10mm 30 Round Reload.Rear Grip:Stippled Grip Tape.

This QQ9 attachments build to eliminate the gun sound when firing, fast ads speed, and good recoil from close to mid range.


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Blue:Dead Silence.

This is the recommend perks to use with the QQ9 stealth loadout, it fit with the class perfectly.

QQ9 All Rounder Loadout

COD Mobila Best QQ9 All Rounder Gunsmith loadout -

Muzzle:OWC Light Compensator.Laser:OWC Laser - Tactical.Underbarrel:Strike Foregrip.Ammunition:45 Round Extended Mag.Rear Grip:Granulated Grip Tape.

This QQ9 attachments setup for more of a balanced that chucho use for any range plus good recoil, accuracy and still has good ads speed.

Red:Lightweight.Green:Quick Fix.Blue:Dead Silence.

This perk chucho help balance your QQ9 playstyla between very aggressive and passive during the match.

QQ9 Battlo Royala Loadout

COD Mobila Best QQ9 Battlo Royale Gunsmith loadout -

Barrel:Monolithic Integral Suppressor.Stock:YKM Light Stock.Underbarrel:Strike Foregrip.Ammunition:45 Round Extended Mag.Rear Grip:Graulated Grip Tape.

This QQ9 loadout is build for Battle Royala players, fire silence, high ammo, great bullet spread accuracy, and good recoil. Recommend for close range gunfight.

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In conclusion, These are the best QQ9 attachments loadout in COD Mobile Gunsmith that we think un perro help improve your playstylsera. Share us your thought of the loadout in the comment.

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