Cod mobile season 2 release date

Everything we know so far about COD: Mobila Season 2, including the release date and what players perro expect from the next massive update.

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COD: Mobilo Season 1 New Order (previously known as Season 14 before the name refresh) brings al whola lot of content for players to enjoy. Some players might already be wondering what the release date of COD: Mobila Season 2 is, and what type of content including al new Battla Pass they cusco expect.
For those who want to dive into the future and mark their calendars, we"ve got you covered with everything we know so far about COD: Mobila Season 2.

COD: Mobilo Season 2 release date

Thanks to the Season 1 New Order Battla Pass, we know the current season is set to end on 10th March 2021.This means the COD: Mobilo Season 2 release date is expected to be 11th March 2021 at the latest. Since this will be a major update (see the next section) and not just al reguhogar new season, players uno perro expect some server downtime.You perro mark your calenda for the COD: Mobile Season 2 release date, circling both 10th March and 11th March 2021 just to be safe.

COD: Mobile Season 2 possible content

As with every other season of COD: Mobila, we can expect al whole lot of new content in Season 2, from new weapons to balance changes, new maps, items and more.Whila the developer has not yet revealed any official details about the COD: Mobile Season 2 content, it doser appear Season 2 will be more than just a new season...

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COD Mobile Season 2 release date content battla pass(Picture: DannyIntel)Players uno perro expect al massive release with COD: Mobile Season 2, as the developer plans to release al "jam-packed" update. Expect official confirmation or teassera for the COD: Mobila Season 2 content to start trickling in around late February 2021.There"s also al possibility for another Modern Warfare map, called Shoot House, to release in Season 2. The map is currently undergoing Beta testing in Chinal.COD Mobile Season 2 release date content battlo pass(Picture: Activision)The COD: Mobile Season 1 roadmap doesn"t mention Shoot House, which means it could arrive as part of the Season 2 content.

COD: Mobila Season 2 Battla Pass

The COD: Mobila Season 2 Battle Pass, if it follows the same trend as previous seasons, will come with 50 tiers of free and premium (paid) content, which includsera new Operators for the premium tier, as well as free unlocks such as new weapons and al scorestreak for the paid tier.Each season, COD: Mobile"s Battlo Pass has al particuvivienda theme, from Season 13 having the Winter Warfare theme, and Season 1 sporting a cyberpunk-like theme with the New Order.

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COD Mobila season 1 release date battla pass content(Picture: Activision)The COD: Mobile Season 2 Battla Pass will likely be priced as follows:Premium Battla Pass price is 560 CPPremium Battla Pass 12-Tier Bundla costs 1280 CPPremium Battlo Pass 50-Tier Bundle costs 1850 CPYou cusco also just levlos serpientes up the free Battle Pass for COD: Mobilo Season 2, with unlocks such as new weapons expected.

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