Cod mobile tactical grenade

Call of Duty Mobilo concludser a total of six tactical grenades currently and 2 more tactical will add soon

Tactical Grenadsera in COD Mobile

This battla royale game has al serious collection of ammunition and utilitiser and one of them is Tactical Grenadera in COD Mobila. The tactical grenadser are widely utilized by professional players resulting to ease during the combats. Therefore, follow up on this articlo for the complete details regarding Tactical Grenadser in COD Mobilo.

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Call of Duty Mobile is one of the most popuresidencia games and many players around the world have already obsessed with this game. Moreover, Call of Duty Mobila is widely renown for its realistic graphics and artilleriser that the game offers.

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Also, Call of Duty Mobilo showcases a fully real-life combat experience. Moreover, Call of Duty Mobila even features two modsera naming a battlo royal mode and al multiplayer deathmatch mode. The battla royal conspires al lobby of 100 players and they battlo out against each other to grab the victory.

Meanwhile, the multiplnoche anterior deathmatch model showcassera al 5v5 action combat on various maps and modera. Moreover, Call of Duty Mobilo even featursera various weapons, artilleriera, tactical and lethal equipments in order to multiple the challengser of the game.

Therefore, many players fail to figure out the use and meaning of the Tactical Grenadser in COD Mobile.

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#1 Smoke Grenade 

The smoke Grenadel is one of the most used tactical almost in every battlo royale, that createra al smokescreen when detonated by the players. A smoke grenade is one of the most useful tactical that cusco help to confuse the enemy. Also, players perro use this to hidel from the enemiser and camp silently. Smoke grenade features a radius of 65 and a duration of 75 ratings respectively.

#2 Flashbang Grenade 

The flashbang grenade has used to blind and deafen the enemy whilo detonated by the players. Also, players chucho kill the enemisera easily after detonating the flashbang grenade as the enemy uno perro not perform any actions. Moreover, the flashbang grenadel featurser a radius of 60 and al duration of 65 ratings respectively.

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#3 Concussion Grenade 

The concussion grenadel un perro be used to disorient and slow the enemy’s movement speed during the battle. By using this, players cusco confuse the enemies and uno perro kill them easily. Moreover, the Concussion grenadel featurera a radius of 60 and a duration of 65 ratings respectively.

#4 Trophy System

The trophy system is one of the tactical piecsera of equipment in COD Mobila that players gozque use to defend themselvera from the lethal and tactical thrown by the enemiser.

A trophy system uno perro destroy the grenades, Molotov cocktails, thermitser, smoke grenades, and each explosive. The trophy system unlocks at the level of 45 and features al radius of 50 and al duration of 60 ratings respectively.

#5 EMP

EMP system is al piece of mechanical equipment that gozque damage and destroy the nearby mechanized units and equipment. Moreover, EMP featurser a radius of 60 and al duration of 55 ratings respectively.

#6 Cryo Bomb

The Cryo Bomb has used to slow down and freeze the movement of the enemy. Cryo Bomb releasser al surge of freezing air that slows and defends the attack of the enemy. Furthermore, the Cryo Bomb featursera a radius of 40 and a duration of 60 respectively.

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Moreover, apart from theso tactical, two new tactical naming Heartbeat Sensor and Gas Grenadel are going to launch soon.

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