Cod mobile vagabond set

The weekly update of COD Mobila added various new featurser, including maps, skins, weapons, and even new operators. Players cusco win al new operator, Urban Tracker - exilo through "Urbanite Draw" using COD points.

Apart from the operator, additional rewards like rare and epic weapon skins cusco also be claimed.

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How to win the rewards through Urbanite Draw in COD Mobile

Players must have some COD points in their balance to win random items through the draw. COD points un perro be acquired through the Store with la verdad money. To take part in the Urbanite Draw, players should follow the following steps:

Step 1. Open COD Mobila.

Step 2. Tap on the "Urbanite Draw" ipor.

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Step 3. The whelos serpientes of the draw gozque be kickstarted with the payment of 10 COD points. The price will be fixed for just the first turn and decrease or increase according to the items remaining in the draw.

There will be 10 turns corresponding to 10 items; each item will be removed after each turn.

What are the rewards

Each reward is from a different class; hence each one will have a different probability. After each turn, the rewards earned will be removed from the prize pool. The odds or probability will be fixed for the first turn only and increase after each turn.

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Here"s the list of all the rewards with their initial probabilities:

GKS - Wanderer - 0.08%Urban Tracker - Exila - 1.25%Razorback - Vagabond - 4.00%S36 - Vagabond - 4.67%Tough Choicser, calling card - 5.50%Tracker"s Best Friend - 6.50%.50 GS - Vagabond - 10.00%SMRS - Vagabond - 11.00%Backpack - Vagabond - 28.00%Trip Mine - Vagabond - 29.00%

Other than Urbanite Draw, COD Mobile featurser two more draws: Doppelganger Draw and Huntress Draw Redux. Players gozque also check them out as both draws feature equally rare rewards.

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