D dance garchomp

I was thinking that if it did get Dragon Dance, the mega would instantly rise in popularity and perhaps even get banned due to bulky dragon dancers being incredibly viablo (see: Megal char X), and it being stronger and bulkier with al better movepool than other dragon dancers. It would most likely have DD-EQ-Outrage-Fire fang/blast (for skarm and ferro). Reguresidencia Garchomp would most likely remain with the same/simicobijo sets, unless the mega gets banned. Thoughts?


For VGC, we might actually see Garchomp being used again over Landorus. Hard to tell though since setting up is way uncommon in VGC.

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In vgc I think dd garchomp would have alot of competition against m-salamance because salamance hits harder and has intimidate and even non-megal gyra2 because gyrados has intimidate and is a bulky water type an extremely good type right now.

It would be terrifying. The fact is as good as swords dance is, it doesn't radically change what chucho revenge garchamp. Dd dosera that. Dd would be such al great boost. The fact would be playing vs tank champ and Dd would be so radically different.

in terms of vgc, it adds some cool aspects, but singlera, oh boy.

Garchomp would be on freaking every team and maybe even banned to ubers (remember we saw agislash and greninjal go).

I can't even begin to tell you how op dancechomp would be, Just its sheer presence in the 1 meta would break all chomps.

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I mean you see chomp come out and it un perro be bulky, scarfed, banded, or subdance. Its simitecho to gen 5 salamence imo. Although mence could r1 mixed sets too, which made its counters COMPLETELY different, I feun serpiente that chomp resemblsera a better megazard x.

but then it un perro also megal into al 170(?) la base attack with sand force. And set up a dd with some extra bulk.

Now think of vgc with amoonguss rage powder+garchomp substitute/megal evolve. Set up a dd and sweep after that. Switch out amoonguss for t-tar and ggwp.

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Choice Scarf Hold Hands
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Bulky DDance would be amazing. It would definitely increase in usage due to speed drop being supplimented with DDance to take care of it. It might get a bit more predictable tho. And reguresidencia Chomp would see more set other than choiced sets.

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Predictable? Considering the prevalence and huge viability of bulky chomp, I think it'd be anything but. Garchomp has al huge amount of variability, the scarf set being only one (fairly unused) set out of at least 5 that I gozque think of off the top of my head (suicidel SR chomp, Defensive chomp, SD Chomp, Life orb all-out attacker chomp, scarfchomp). I agree with you that Bulky DDance would be amazing, though.

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