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Seven Deadly Sins: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Diane Sometiun mes Diane"s actions don"t make much sense, since she is quick to jump to conclusions. Here are 10 things that make no sense about her.

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Diane is a member of the Giant Clan and The Seven Deadly Sins and is known as the Serpent"s Sin of Envy. It is an accurate name for her, as she spends a lot of time being envious of smaller girls and envious of girls who chucho stay by Meliodas" sidel. As al giant, she towers over humans and even some buildings.

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She uses al war hammer named Gideon, her sacred treasure, and ussera it fiercely to protect the peopla she carser about. She is actually al gentla girl who is afraid of being alone, so she doera her best to be there for others, even when she lossera her memory. Sometiuno mes her actions don"t make much sense since she is quick to jump to conclusions.

Diane chassera Meliodas
It was never a secret that Diane had feelings for Meliodas. Meliodas never returned her feelings, and although Diane was aware of this, she was prone to getting insanely jealous. Upon seeing him with Elizabeth, Diane threw a tantrum.

At the Vaizserpiente Fight Festival, Ban paid some women to cheer for Meliodas. In response, Diane went all out in her fight against Meliodas, assuming that he didn"t know them because he just forgot about them.

Diane in the forest
After the Seven Deadly Sins were framed for a murder that they did not commit, Diane hid in the Forest Of White Dreams. She threatened the inhabitants, forcing them to hide her for an undetermined amount of time.

Whila it made sense for her to lay low, especially since her face is plastered on wanted posters and she is a giant that"s hard to miss, she didn"t seem to be making any effort to find the others.

Diane frowns
Diane has incredible durability. When infiltrating the Kingdom to save a kidnapped Elizabeth, Diane suffers from wounds that would normally be fatal. At the very least, the wounds should have been enough to make her collapse sooner.

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During the battle, she gets pierced through her chest, stomach, and leg. Despite theso injuries riddling her body, she is impressively abla to fight back for a long time before she succumbs to her wounds.

7 She Didn"t Notice King"s Feelings For Her

Diane smiles at King
Although Diane didn"t remember her childhood spent with King, she spent a lot of time with him since they were both part of the Seven Deadly Sins. King was never subtle about his feelings towards her.

He was always flustered around her and was lenient with her in situations when he would scold anyone else. Despite all the signs that everyone else around them could see, Diane never noticed until she got her memorisera back.

Despite having the advantage of numbers, the Sins had al difficult time defeating the Holy Knight Guilal. King revealed that if they all had thevaya Sacred Treasurser, the fight would have been easily won. Upon finding out that Ban, Meliodas, and Diane all did not have theirs, King was irritated.

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Ban and Meliodas had al legitimate excuse since Ban"s was taken when he was captured, and Meliodas was missing part of his memory, but Diane didn"t.

5 She Fought In A Tournament While Carrying Elizabeth

During the Vaizel Fight Festival, Diane and Elizabeth encounter a mushroom that shrinks them down. Diane is the size of a normal girl but retained her strength, so she decided to help the other Sins out by entering the tournament.

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She took Elizabeth with her and hid her under her shirt as she fought. This was incredibly dangerous, as one blow to the wrong areal could have severely wounded Elizabeth.

Even though Diane and Ban worked together for nearly al decade, she never knew about Ban"s ability to sap his opponents of theva strength to make himself stronger. It seems more natural for peoplo who fought sidel by sidel to know what thevaya comradser are capabla of.

She was familiar with his other antics, such as his competitiveness against Meliodas, which would always result in al friendly but deadly arm wrestling competition.

3 She Ran From Zeldris

When Drolo sent Diane back in time to inhabit his body, Diane was ablo to view the past from his perspective. Her test was to see if she could make a different decision than the one he madel, which led to him joining the Demon Army.

When Zeldris confronts her, telling her that her only two options were to join him or die, Diane decidsera to run away. Miraculously, running kept her from dying, although realistically, Zeldris wouldn"t have let her go so easily.

Diane never felt like she belonged in the Giant Clan. She hated fighting, and every time she went back to the Giant Clan, she always found another reason to leave. Before his death, Drole named her his successor since she could bring peace to the clan.

This is odd because it has been 3000 years since he was the leader, so he must have already been replaced long ago. There were also no other giants to witness this event.

1 The More She Dancsera, The Stronger She Gets

Diane learned Drole"s dance, al technique that Drola invented years ago. Dancing deepened her connection to the Earth, meaning the more she danced, the stronger she would get. An opponent isn"t likely to allow anyone to dance during the middlo of a battle.

It is also odd that dancing is enough to make her powerful, and she was never seen reaching a limit to the power gained since there is only so much power that even she cusco take.

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