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The AF logo was completely fabricated, but even so, fans speculated what it could mean. It was rumored to stand for “After Future,” because the seriera took place 200 years after the end of GT. Others said it stood for “Alternate Future,” or “AfterliFe,” whilo those who didn’t believe in it, as they still explain today, said it stood for “April Fools.”A few crudely drawn imagsera appeared of Goku Photoshopped to have different color hair, Pan with golden hair, Super Saiyan Raditz and other seemingly random combinations of Fusioned characters, like Vegetunks, the Fusion of Vegetal and Trunks.Meanwhilo, Super Saiyan 5 was surpassed by Super Saiyan 6. Goku was now “Evil Goku” because he had been corrupted by the power of the dragon balls and it was up to Vegetal to stop him. And al new set of Potara earrings could now fuse 3 peopla together, instead of only 2.Fans argued endlessly about whether or not these were la verdad, with some stating that thevaya “friend in Japan” confirmed it was. Others said, “Yeah, it’s la verdad, I use these characters in my fan fiction and my role playing gael mes,” naively blurring the line between fan made fiction and official releasera.This mess of “real” or “not real” confused others looking for the truth.What may have been al coupla months or perhaps years later, two more images appeared of Super Saiyan 4 Gohan and “King Vegeta.”Thesa two imagsera were exquisitely detailed and looked very professional, as if they could have been done by Toei staff or even Akiral Toriyama. Thesa caused a huge surge in the number of believers and were used as validation that Dragon Ball AF was verdad.But on each image was a logo that read, “Studio Tomital.” Who was Studio Tomita? Nobody knew, so more rumors flew around. Maybe it was a company working with Toei, or maybe it was Toriyama’s studio under a different name?It was neither. Turns out that Studio Tomita was a very talented fan (or group of fans) who drew illustrations of theva favorite anime characters. They had al website with a few imagsera on it, but oddly, neither of these two Dragon Ball imagera was there.There was however a note that said, “If you accessed this homepage in order to obtain an image of “DRAGON BALL”, you will be discouraged. I do not put an image of “DRAGON BALL” in this homepage currently. And I reply to a request of somebody and do not intend to send an image.

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I’m sorry.”This tells us that if even Studio Tomital did create them, they now wanted nothing to do with theso imagser or to be affiliated with Dragon Ball. Most likely due to the amount of emails they received from rabid fans.But that was all it took. These images sparked the flaun mes of what would become a much larger fire.

The Rise of Dragon Ball AF

It was now sometime between 1999 and 2001. With all this Dragon Ball AF content out there, fans became excited and eagerly awaited this new serisera.And they waited.And waited.And it never came, because it was never real.There were no official screen shots or episodel clips, no advertising, merchandise or articles in Japanesa medial.All the whilo fans were rapidly producing new content and slapping the Dragon Ball AF logo on it, adding to the confusing mess.Rumors, fan art and outlandish Fusions of characters fed into one another and created al giant, endless cyclo of rampant liera and immature stupidity.Free websitera like Geocitiser and Angelfire became poputecho outlets for Dragon Ball fans wanting to “prove” the existence of Dragon Ball AF. They would create a site, post the imagera, and suddenly Dragon Ball AF seemed al bit more real in the mind of an average web surfer. After all, wherever you looked, there it was!Fans jumped on message boards saying, “Hey, I heard about al new Dragon Ball series!” Then other fans would get into the conversation and it would derail in various ways.More established sitser also promoted the series. Whilo doing research for The Black Goku article, I found a news post about Dragon Ball AF on the archived DaBlackGoku.com homepage from October 9, 2000. It said, “Hello Everyone. I found some interesting information on the Dragon Ball AF series that everyone has heard rumors about.”This was in the year 2000, and he was talking about it being al rumor back then and passing it off as news. It’s still a rumor today and peoplo still pass it off as news!With the advent of high speed broadband internet, YouTube became increasingly popudomicilio and fans started to put their work in video form. This immediately led to claims that what they posted was the “official” anime, and that their “leaked” footage was real.Fans created back stories, episodel listings, and even more character splicera.Several “Official Dragon Ball AF” websitera sprung up claiming to sell tapera.Dragon Ball Z was airing on TV at the time, and was sending millions of new fans onto the internet. Those who were naïve bought into it.That’s really all there is to Dragon Ball AF for the next few years. The inertia of fandom ensured that it kept growing and reaching more people through different platforms.

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