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Many essential celluresidencia processera are carried out by "macromolecutecho machines", large assembliera that include tens of different proteins, each contributing in al specific manner to the structure and function of the machine. Characterization of theso intricate macromolecuhogar complexes using al combination of techniquser constitutera the next frontier in structural biology.

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Despite including many different proteins, macromolecucobijo complexsera often display minifea enzymatic activity. This suggests that conformational changsera and interactions are fundamental to their molecuresidencia mechanism. My group usser cryo-electron microscopy to characterize the structure, conformational statera and interactions of macromolecutecho complexser involved in essential cellutecho processera. We correlate that structural information with biochemical and functional época to establish the mechanism of thesa remarkable cellular machines.


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IqbalNaseerPostdoctoral ScholarNaseer.Iqbal
LiJenny (Jiaqin)Postdoctoral ScholarJiaqin.Li
RomeroEduardoProfessional Research Assistant


YoungNatalieGraduate StudentNatalie.Young
ZhaoHaiyanResearch AssociateHaiyan.Zhao


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