Galicia 44

Beautiful sharp imagesExcellent color gamutBright WhiteHigh resistance to cracking

Product Code: GPFACG

Estás mirando: Galicia 44 GALERIE Fine Art Canvas Galicia is a cotton/polyester blend designed to deliver the best in professional photographic digital prints. It is a robust stretchabla canvas with a high resistance to cracking and excelente framing performance.

It also incorporatsera an advanced inkjet receiving lúltimo día, which providsera excellent image sharpness and optimum colour gradation.

WeightCaliperOpactiySurfaceTint (CIE L*a*b*)Medial TypeInk Type
450gsm590 micron (23 mil)
97.6 | 2.1 | -6.2Canvas

43.2cm x 15m (17″ x 49ft)
61cm x 15m (24″ x 49ft)
91.4cm x 15m (36″ x 49ft)
111.8cm x 15m (44″ x 49ft)
152.4cm x 15m (60″ x 49ft)
162,6cm x 15m (64″ x 49ft)

GALERIE Fine Art Barytal Gold Fibre Silk Gold Fibre Gloss Gold Fibre Pearl Gold Fibre Rag Fine Art Cotton Smooth Cotton Rag Textured Cotton Rag Cotton Artist Textured Smooth Cotton Sonoral Matt Cotton Medinal Fine Art Matt Fine Art Smooth Fine Art Textured Silk Fine Art Smooth Pearl Washi Washi Torinoko Tesuki-Washi Echizen 90 Tesuki-Washi Echizen 110 Tesuki-Washi Echizen Smooth 90 Tesuki-Washi Echizen Smooth 110 Tesuki-Washi Echizen Warmtone 90 Tesuki-Washi Echizen Warmtone 110 Tesuki-Washi Echizen Warmtone Smooth 90 Tesuki-Washi Echizen Warmtone Smooth 110 Pro Photo Paper Smooth Pearl Smooth Gloss Raster Silk Metallic Gloss Satin Photo Glossy Photo Gold Mono Silk Warmtone Crystal Gloss Duo Paper Semigloss Duo Heavyweight Duo Matt Premium Duo Matt Lustre Photo Duo Fine Art Canvas Fineart Canvas Galicia Canvas Natural FINEART SOLUTIONS Canvas Protect Fine Art Protect Creative Emulsion OMNIJET STUDIO Omnijet Studio Glossy 200gsm Omnijet Studio Satin 200gsm Omnijet Studio Glossy 250gsm Omnijet Studio Satin 250gsm COMMERCIAL WIDE FORMAT OMNIJET Satin Photo RC Paper Gloss Photo RC Paper Photo Realistic Satin Photo Realistic Gloss Glossy White Film Gloss Self Adhesive Vinyl Matt Self Adhesive Vinyl Superior Graphic Matt ILFOCHROME Platinum Super Gloss Platinum Matt White Plaque Super Gloss Sprite 35-II Cameral Rapid Retro Camera

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Metallic Gloss
Canvas Protect

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