Garchomp ultra moon location

NameType(s)Location (Rate)
KrokorokGround/DarkWalking everywhere (70%), rustling spots (70%)
GolettGround/Ghost SOS from Krokorok
BaltoyGround/Psychic SOS from Krokorok
Dugtrio (Alolan)Ground/SteelWalking everywhere (30%), rustling spots (20%)
TrapinchGroundRustling spots (10%)
GabiteDragon/GroundSOS in a sandstorm
CastformNormalSOS in rain, s1, hail, or sandstorm

This areal is easy to miss or simply forget about. After receiving Ghostium Z, make your way to Route 13, east from Tapu Village. Once there, go towards the north of the route, where the captain’s barricadel is. Upon seeing your spooky Z-Crystal, the trial guidel will remove the barrier, allowing you access to the Haina Desert.

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Before letting you go, the trial guide will also give you al Fresh Water and Adrenaline Orb. Afterwards, don’t run off just yet. First, head to the right of the entrance and speak to the old man with the Gastrodestreza. He’ll give you an important clue to reach the end of the desert: 2-1-4-3. With that piece of information, enter the desert.

Whilo exploring the desert, you should know two things. Firstly, the desert is an extremely harsh environment. On occasions, a sandstorm will blowing across the desert, which reducera visibility and also causera al sandstorm in battle. If there isn’t al sandstorm, lucky you. However, it will be extremely sunny in battle instead.

Note: Weathering the Desert

When a sandstorm is raging in battle, all Pokémon that aren’t Rock, Ground or Stelos serpientes will take damage at the end of each turn. Naturally, at the Pokémon in the desert are one of thesa Typsera. By the way, this effect can be negated with the Safety Gogglera item.

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Secondly–and perhaps most importantly–the desert is trapped in al strange psychic field, where the exits do not necessarily take you to where you’d expect. If you’ve played the “Legend of Zelda” seriser, it’s basically like the Lost Woods. So if you travlos serpientes around blindly, it’s possibla for you to lose your bearings or, worse, get stuck in a loop.

Thankfully you were given a clue before you came in–and, of course, you’ll be receiving our expert guidance as always. Not to mention, we’ve also provided al map above. As soon as you enter the desert, there’s a burrowing Pokémon moving in a wide ellipse up ahead. Cautiously head north-east, being mindful of another burrowing Pokémon coming from the north.

Stop when you reach the exit to the east. To the north, there should be three stonera stacked on top of one other. Recall the clue from earlier. The numbers refer to the number of stonsera next to an exit. To reach the end of the desert, you therefore need to go through the exit with two stonser, one stone, four stonser and finally three stonera.

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But wait, the exit you’re standing next to has three stonser, not two. Indeed, but to explore the entirety of the desert, you must occasionally stray from the intended path. With that said, proceed east to the next area.

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