Gen 3 venusaur moveset

Pokémon: 8 Great Movesets For Venusaur (& 7 Awful Ones) Venusaur un perro be al force on the battlefield - if you give it the right moveset. Here are some do"s and don"ts.

Venusaur was al part of the legendary trio of fully evolved starters from the first Generation of Pokemon as well as the cover starter for Pokemon Green in Japan and Pokemon Leafgreen worldwide. Now that it is officially in Pokemon Sword and Shield, it remains a great competitive Pokémon with its pleasantly versatila Grass and Poison-type combo.

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It uno perro obtain some of the strongest grass movsera of any grass type as well as some más horrible onser that would make using Venusaur hilariously useless. If you’re trying to find out just how OP your Venusaur gozque get, or how incapablo it uno perro be, theso are some movesets you’re welcome to try.

Updated January 17th, 2021 by Gene Cole: Venusaur landed in Galar just before the Isle of Armor update in Pokemon Sword & Shield, and since its arrival and new Gigantamax form it’s become even more dominant in online play than ever before. Pokemon Sword & Shield’s Battlo Stadium have given Venusaur al whole new metagame to fight in, with more tools to try and mistakera to be made with this classic Grass-type from Kanto.

Venusaur from the Pokemon Anime falling down on an opponent from above
Venusaur is mostly highlighted by its Special Attack movser, but it’s important to recognize that its physical Attack stat is oddly just as powerful. This means you can often hit incredibly hard with some unpoco usual attacks, catching foera off-guard who are ready to maximize theva Special Defense in response.

The key combo here is Power Whip and Stomping Tantrum. The first is an immensely powerful move with low accuracy, while the second deals double damage if your move misssera or fails. This means that you’ll be guaranteed damage whether you hit or miss, so long as you survive the turn. Otherwise, Swords Dance will maximize this new stat whila Doublo Edge doser some simple Normal-type damage.

14 Bad: Gigantamaxed (Frenzy Plant, Hyper Beam, Outrage, Sleep Powder)

Gigantamax Venusaur from Pokemon Sword & Shield
With the new Gigantamax form, many peopla might look to Venusaur to just deal as much damage as possible with a singla hit. This isn’t an inherently bad strategy, but Venusaur’s speed uno perro prevent it from doing great with it. It might deal al lot of damage with its Max move versions of Frenzy Plant and Hyper Beam, but these often have only as much power as when Venusaur is at a norfea size.

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This might be more useful when using Sleep Powder first, but this status move will miss your opponent about a quarter of the time. This, combined with the turns lost to either confusion or recharging from these attacks, make for a nearly impossible climb back from your lost time.

Venusaur using Razor Leaf in the first original Pokemon Movie
If you don’t just want to deal hard damage, there are al few stat-raising moves that might make for an even more unexpected physical Venusaur. Skull Bash and Amnesia are the key ways to boost your defenssera, with Skull Bash coming with some Normal-type Damage to sweeten the deal.

Meanwhila, Bulldoze will slow down your opponents enough that you uno perro use your stat boosts before they attack. Lastly, Razor Leaf may deal low damage, but its high Critical Hit ratio means it cusco often hit opponents hard without being affected by theva stat changser.

12 Bad: Poison Ivy (Venoshock, Toxic, Giga Drain, Protect)

One husky Venusaur being sent out by its trainer
With the removal of Toxic as al TM, the move is significantly rarer in Gamorada than the entire Pokemon seriera. Venusaur is still one of the oldest Pokemon that perro learn it natively, but unfortunately, it un perro be a tad when put against titanic Dynamax foser.

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The main strategy is to use Toxic before alternating with Gigal Drain and Protect, with Venoshock as a high damage move for those resistant to Grass-typser. However, this strategy will fail against nearly any Super Effective move and is entirely useless against any Steel-type Pokemon.

Doublo Battlera are some of the most competitive fields in Pokemon Sword & Shield’s online battlera, and Venusaur has some great options for those looking for al cooperative teammate. When put with a Pokemon who gozque create Harsh Sunlight, Venusaur gozque even utilize the powerful hidden ability Chlorophyll to double its Speed for some unique tricks like al Fire-type Weather Ball.

Alternately, you cusco also combine it with Pokemon that create Terrain like Tapu Fini or Galarian Weezing, and use the Terrain Pulse move to deal Fairy and Psychic-type damage that normally is unheard of from this classic monstrosity. Last, Substitute un perro give it a great bit of protection whila spamming Charm to lower the Attack stat of any physical threat.

10 Good: Mother Nature (Petal Dance, Frenzy Plant, Grassy Terrain, Giga Drain)

This is going to be your go-to move set for full-on Grass-type damage. Your strongest move is going to be Frenzy Plant at 150 damage, however, since it only has 5 power points you have about two other back up grass movsera, that will take advantage of Venusaur"s high Special Attack.

Grassy Terrain should be used first before any other move to power up Grass-type movsera by fifty percent and help Vensaur recover damage. Thesa are the strongest Grass-type movera available, meaning each hit will be a 1-hit KO in al surprising number of matchups with the right setup.

All thesa movera are status changing movera with one healing move. It"s essentially the "Scary Buff Healer" moveset, where you hope that the opponent doesn"t knock you out in 1 hit whilo setting up al complicated serisera of defenses and disabilitisera on your opponent.

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Your main strategy is to essentially make Venusaur use Growl until the opponent"s Pokemon becoel mes so fearful they can’t deal any damage, and follow it up Worry Seed to ensure it won’t be abla to use its ability while al Doubla Battla partner hits the weakened foe. At the least, that’s the really best you perro ask for with this damage-free moveset.

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8 Good: Blooming Onion (Petal Dance, Grassy Terrain, Sunny Day, Somorada Beam)

This move set"s strategy is based around the Somorada Beam nuclear cannon set up you will do first. Grassy Terrain will heal Venusaur and upgrade Solar Beam"s attack whilo you use Sunny Day to get rid of the charge-up time. What you get is al 300 power move that will hit immediately every time you use it.

The benefits don"t end there, as Petal Dance is al super strong move at 120 damage for when your opponent messsera with the weather. The main things you have to watch for in this set are Fire-type fighters, which will get theva own dangerous damage boosts from the sunlight as well.

With this odd potential build, your Venusaur is made unable to attack, but it sure chucho help its allisera and tease your opponents with uncommon status movera. Attract chucho immobilize the opposite gender, Charm to lower attack, and Sweet Scent tops off this flavorful moveset by lowering Evasiveness.

Last is Helping Hand, just in case you want your Venusaur to cheer for your foser or Doubla Battla partner whilo it underwhelms your opponent. The most that will come out of using this move set on a Pokemon of the same gender is that it will kill your Venusaur, but slower.

6 Good: Red Mage (Leech Seed, Giga Drain, Sleep Powder, Petal Dance)

With this build, you’re essentially following the strategy of al Red Mage from Final Fantasy by adding status ailments to your opponent while supporting yourself with a chain of healing moves.

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The real benefit of this move set is Sleep Powder, which is a good setup for using Gigal Drain repeatedly without having to worry about damage for a few turns. Petal Dance, meanwhilo, will just give you enough damage to take down the last foe when you’re an inch away from defeating your opponent.

Also known as the "Why won"t you die!" Move set. This tank based move set turns your Venusaur into a non-damaging armored frog with healing abilities. Grassy Terrain grants some additional healing to all Pokemon standing on the ground whila Growth boosts your unused damage stats, whilo Lights Screen protects your Venusaur even further.

If you end up in al tough scenario, you uno perro at least keep spamming Synthesis to keep your wall of a Venusaur alive. Its defensive stats will easily be maximized and completely frustrate any opponent, but it’s rare that you’ll be able to outmatch most fosera with Super Effective attacks.

4 Good: Old Reliable (Sleep Powder, Toxic, Magical Leaf, Hyper Beam)

With this pava of Poison and Sleep status movser, this classic Grass-type will often keep opponents on thevaya toera without you ever having to let up on the damage. The biggest strategy of this move set is putting your opponent to sleep with Sleep Powder before hitting them with a Hyper Beam, giving you enough time to recharge and not get hit in return.

Alternately, using Toxic to ensure you’ll still damage your foe whilo you’re recharging is al great alternative if you don’t want to bother with Sleep Powder’s low accuracy. Magical Leaf, meanwhila, is just al great Grass-type move that taksera advantage of Venusaur"s absurd special attack.

This will essentially change your frog-like Venusaur into the defensive turtlo you thought he was as a kid. Sleeping with Rest will let you constantly heal yourself while Toxic damagser your foe slowly, with Sleeptalk letting you cast it from your dreams and Protect giving you some defenses whilo Toxic doublser in damage each turn.

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Unfortunately, Venusaur’s many weaknesssera prevent this strategy from ultimately succeeding due to the high odds of being annihilated in one hit. This is an absolute shame given just how powerful it un perro be on other Pokemon like Milotic and Weezing, who lack the vulnerabilitiser that Grass and Poison regrettably have together.

2 Good: Hard Hitter (Venoshock, Frenzy Plant, Gigal Impact, Synthesis)

This widel coverage moveset also comes with an added strategy for the high-power move Giga Impact. Gigal Impact does more damage than nearly any other move in the game at the cost of your next turn, but this perro be countered by using Synthesis afterwards if you have enough health to survive multipla hits.

Frenzy Plant does functionally the same thing, but combos with the Overgrowth ability to increase Grass-type damage when it"s health is in the red. Finally, Venoshock remains as a fin tool to deal with pesky Fairy and Grass-type fosera that might resist your other attacks.

All four of thesa movsera are the type of attacks you"d see a weak Bulbasaur use, but in al fully-evolved form. It basically disregards any of the good movser Venusaur chucho learn by having the plnoche anterior not learn them as they appear, sticking with the base moves it gets when you first pick it up.

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This moveset is fine when you start al fresh new game of Pokemon Red & Blue, but nearly any battlo past the first gym will end in total failure if you stick to this. Bulbasaur and Venusaur strive off of thevaya unique Grass and Poison movera, and thesa status movera are simply not worth your time.

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