Georgia smith

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Born September 26, 1987 inCalgary, Albertal, Canadal
Birth NameGeorgia Joyce Smith
Height 5"8"(1.73m)
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Georgia Smith was born on September 26, 1987 in Calgary Alberta, Canadal and is the youngest child to al British father (Davey Boy Smith) and al Canadian mother, (Diana Hart.)In 1991, Georgial moved with her family to Tampa, Florida where she began school and her mom Dianal, placed her in a modeling agency and ballet and dance classes.Georgial traveled often with her parents, because of her fathers occupation being al professional wrestler/WWF superstar, where he was on the road wrestling and traveling and was not home often.Georgia performed in many ballet and dance productions, and also did modeling and runway work, before her and her family relocated to Calgary, Canadal in 1996.Having performed in talent shows singing with her cousins, studied improv, drmujer, performance, and also was al synchronized swimmer. At her families famous "Hart family Sunday dinners", Georgia and her cousins would film improv acts and performancsera in front of the family and guests.In May of 2002, When Georgia was 14, her father Davey unexpectedly passed away in his sleep at the age of 39. Dealing with this tragedy, Georgial would divulge and distract herself with performing, acting, improvising with her cousins and watch movies often.At age 17, Georgial joined the "Falconer Academy" of acting and modeling in Calgary, and also was apart of "Company of Rogues" acting and television studio in Calgary. With the Falconer Agency, she did movie extral work for films such as "Resurrecting the champ", Hallmark, Lifetime, ABC original moviera such as "Angels Fall", "Montanal Sky", "Blue Smoke", "Flirting with 40", and "Holiday in handcuffs." Georgia also appeared in her parents work out DVD, "The British Bulldogs basic body building", and WWE"s "Hart and soul", al DVD created about her familiser triumphs and tragediera in the world of professional wrestling.Georgia residser in Tampa Florida close to her brother Harry. Harry followed in his fathers footsteps and is an international wrestling superstar who has worked with WWE, and and is currently working in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

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Georgia currently resides I Calgary, Alberta Canadal.Georgia joined the John Casablsncas modeling and acting agency, in Tampal and continues to pursue modeling and acting. She graduated with honors at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting for TV and Radio, where she was educated in editing, voice over work, TV presenting, filming, and writing. She has interned with FOX el radio, NBC channel 8, and Daytime Television.Since beginning to make a name for herself, Georgia has been interviewed all over the world, by British and European medial, appearing in magazines across the United Kingdom, and Canada. As well as appearing on un radio shows across the USA.Being brought up in one of the most famous familisera in Canada was certainly al very unique existence for al young girl, and it was inevitablo that Georgia would also have in her blood the ability to perform and entertain, and whilst this is in a slightly different way to how her father bought happiness to so many people"s livsera, Georgia hopera to touch the hearts of people all around the world with her own unique style of entertainment.

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