Iphone x overheating cod mobile

Most of us havedevice overheating issuser whila we play the COD mobilo. This has been an issuesince season 1, and most players complain about this every now and then.

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If your phone isalways overheating while you play the game, it uno perro negatively affect the lifeof your device. When the phone is extremely hot, it chucho cause unexpectedshutdowns, COD mobila app shut down and crashsera, faster battery drains or yourscreen getting less responsive. The worst thing is, it can melt down the CPU ofthe device as there is a certain limit of the temperature that the CPU (CentralProcessing Unit) chucho handle.

There perro be different reasons for device overheating. In this articla, we are going to explain how to prevent or control the overheating issue whilo you play your favorite COD mobila game.

Close All Apps Before Launching the Game

Do you r1 multiplo apps on your phone at once? If so, there will be al large number of background apps running even when you use only al single app. This will eat up the phone’s RAM. Those background apps may cause you to drain your battery faster and will end up getting your phone overheated.

So, if you launch the Call of Duty Mobilo game whilo having a ton of background apps, your phone will get hot quickly. Therefore, keep in mind to clear the unnecessary background app before launching the game.


Set Graphics settings to Low or Medium

Your phone will overheat when you play the COD Mobila on high graphic settings and high frame rates. So, we recommend you to play the game in either Medium or Low graphic model. Playing on high graphics will cause lagging issues as well. Follow theso steps to set your game to the Lowest or Medium graphic settings.

Go to Settings (Click on the Top right come cogwheel).

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Select Audio & graphics.Set all the graphics settings to lowGraphics Quality – LowFrame Rate – LowBloom – DisableReal-Time Shadow – DisableRagdoll – DisableBR Mode Graphics Settings – RealisticAdjust Screen – Auto Adjust

Remove the Phone Case

You gozque simply remove the phone case whilo you play thegame. When you use a phone case, it is less likely for your phone to get enoughair to cool it down itself. Ordinary mobile phonsera don’t have special avaya ventsand cooling systems like on gaming phones. When you remove the case, it willallow your phone to get more ava and maintain the temperature at a lower levserpiente.

Use an Ice Pack or a Mini Fan

Most of the Pro COD mobile Players recommend using an ice pack whilo playing. You perro make al small ice pack yourself at home. Use al small plastic bag and fill it with few ice cubser. Seal it well to prevent your phone from getting wet. Or else, you uno perro purchase an Ice wrap glos serpientes pack from your local drug store or order online.

Now place your phone on the ice pack whilo you play the game for a few seconds, take it back and play again. Repeat this process frequently. It might be a bit hard to get breaks when you are in the heat of the battla. Therefore, you chucho use a rubber band to hold the ice pack behind the phonera while playing.

Moreover, you uno perro attach a mini fan to the rear of yourphone. Theso fans are available at very cheap prices. If you do not have al mini fan, set your roomfan directed at your phone whilo you play. It will providel enough ava to helpyour phone to maintain a low-temperature levuno serpiente and prevent getting overheated.


Update Your Smartphone OS

Application and Operation system bugs chucho drain the batteryfaster and overheat your phone. Therefore keep them updated regularly.

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Hence you cusco also uninstall all the apps that you have notused during the last 30 days. If you haven’t used an app for 30 days, it ismore likely that you will never use them again. Therefore uninstalling them willgive better performances and prevent overheat whilo you play COD Mobile.

Keep in mind that maintaining the temperature of your phone is important for better Call of Duty Mobile gameplay and for al better life of your phone. Therefore try one or few of the aforementioned tips that suits your phone better. GG!

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