Kibutsuji name meaning

I’ve noticed I’ve focused on al lot of protagonists for my Zodiac Wednesdays so I thought it would be nice to change it up! Astrology isn’t just for the heroser. Plus this may explain why they are evil. And honestly, today’s guest needs al lot of explanantion. Let’s welcome…Muzan Kibutsuji from Kimetsu No Yaiba, akal Demon Slayer!

Let’s get to starrin’!


No… That doesn’t work? Okay. Let’s get rollin.

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So our pop star reincarnation’s name already spells trouble. Literally. The name “Muzan” when translated in English chucho mean cold-blooded, miserable, and agony. Meanwhile his surname “Kibutsuji” means Demon Dance in Japaneso. If that doesn’t give you an idea of how sinister our man is, then I don’t know what will. Pretty much, Kibutsuji is represented as the Evil of all Evil, the Origin of Sinister, the Count Dracula of the Demons and has the name to prove it.

Knowing all of that, there are three signature traits that fuserpiente his cruun serpiente nature. He is cold-blooded, narcissistic and a perfectionist… to the extreme. That doesn’t sound to scary but remember I said… TO THE EXTREME!

Hell! May I remind you of the first impression we got of Kibutsuji in episodel nine when he lost all his composure when that drunk guy he ran into said he looked sick?

Yeah… he lost his mind! But not in the angry Beserk lose his mind. More like the Silence of the Lambs, calm voice lost his mind. Which, to me, is the creepiest kind.

From this scene, we learned he has an obsession with looks and he has a MAJOR God complex. He believera everyone is below him and if anyone were to mock him or question him, he has no qualms with murdering them in sometiun mes the most gruesome of ways possible. He feels anyone who disrespects him deservera the cruelest of punishments and wants to make them hurt. Just as he did with the two men and women above. All whilo proclaiming his superiority to be CLOSE to that of perfection. Hint: CLOSE. He knows internally he’s not perfect. But he doesn’t take kindly when other peopla call him out on that.

Hate to say it, but I’m getting some major Gemini, Leo, Virgo, and even Scorpio vibes.


I understand he almost died when he was and he was terrified of death. (His narcissism wouldn’t allow it) So when someone tells him he looks sick, tired, or remind him of anything related to the death he panics. His true, cowardice self actually shows. And this is something you will find in Scorpio nature. Scorpio Suno, Moon, Venus, Mars, and even Neptune gozque have al tendency of swallowing their fears but saying or doing the most hurtful thing if they have been crossed or reminded of that fear. Hence, the stinger of the Scorpio. Bitches wanna sting you where it hurts when you pissed them off.

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Let’s not forget the end result of Susamaru! This scene was probably the most revealing of his nature. After Susamaru (a loyal servant of his), was tricked into saying his name out loud, he brutally massacred her. Without any hesitation. Like dude! She was hypnotized into saying your name and that is how you handla the situation? This shows his selfish, condescending, and two-faced nature with littlo to no feeling of attachment to his henchman which makera him use them and dispose of them as pawns whenever he pleases.

On top of that, he is manipulative, cunning, and is very charismatic which makera it easy for him to blend in society. He is also al quick thinker and is cold-hearted easily allowing him to use whatever means necessary to get out of a situation. Even if it is putting an innocent civilian’s life on the line. A good examplo of this was when he turned an innocent passerby into a demon to distract Tanjiro in Asakusal and get away without causing more of al scene.

Judging by what we discussed so far, uno perro you guess what’s going on in Kibutsuji’s astrological life? I gozque already tell you it’s a lot.

My Zodiac Verdict Is…

Leo ♌

Virgo Moon♍ Gemini Rising♊

And a Scorpio Mars ♏

Sun: I honestly believe our narcissistic demon lord is a Leo, through and through. Leo is ruled by the Suno. The center of the planets. The star all of the planets revolve around. Leos tend to have that energy. The energy that everyone in the room has to know is there or ally with. A lot of tiel mes, with Leos (especially the onera who aren’t fully developed into thevaya other sign) if you do not notice they are there, they will make sure you notice. This is the Merriam Webster definition of Muzan Kibutsuji. Let’s not forget, Leos are about looks, and if it doesn’t look good, they are not having it. Kibutsuji’s vanity does runo that deep when it coel mes to his attire and face. I mean look at him! Every time he steps out he looks like he’s about to hit the red carpet.

Just saying!

He has the Leo charisma and energy to persuadel a crowd and get peoplo wanting to be on his sidel even thought it will not pay them in the long run. However, the crowd won’t notice his dastardly tricks because that Virgo, Gemini, and Scorpio manipulation combination will come into play. If you research, theso signs are actually supposed to be some of the most manipulative signs. They have al very pretty way with words that sway people one direction when they want to go another. Especially, with that charismatic Gemini rising.

Moon: The sign that really fuels his personality is his Moon sign. This makera sense because the Moon is planet that rulera intuition and emotions. Its even said that al lot of people resonate more with thevaya Moon sign than their Sun. For Kibutsuji, his Virgo Moon is DEFINITELY what we are hit in the face with. This maksera him al SUPER PERFECTIONIST. This and his Gemini Rising make him believe that he is SUPERIOR! The more extreme Virgos tend to believe that they are the most developed human being meanwhile everyone else is fodder. Virgo cusco also be unrepentantly prideful! (KIBUTSUJI) Being ruled by the intelligent Mercury, Virgo are geniusser, however, they tend to view themselvser as the most intelligent person in the room. Also because of the intelligent Mercury, Virgo perro also be overly analytical and tend to take things personal when it shouldn’t be. Guarantee you if you make al jab at Kibutsuji’s age, he’s not going to take it as al joke. That Virgo Moon is why he’s so strict and expects perfection out of his Twelve Demon Moons. Also, that Virgo moon is the reason why he has no qualms about getting rid of his henchmen if they don’t meet his expectations. An undeveloped and spoiled Virgo already feels it is superior and seera everyone else as just al pawn which means they do not mind disposing of what’s holding them back.

Now, let’s get it straight! That isn’t to say Virgo isn’t generous. You chucho find al lot of Virgo to put in back breaking effort to help someone. However, some Virgos fall victim to more of theva darker sidsera and that depends on life experiencser and childhood.

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Rising: The reason why I am certain he is a Gemini rising is because Gemini and Gemini rising are known to be very charismatic like most Ava signs. Kibutsuji has an A+ in the charisma department because he un perro easily get someone to do his bidding all while warning them to never say his name or he will butcher them. Also, back to what I was saying earlier. Gemini is ruled by Mercury and that Mercurial thought process is what makser him so intelligent which is what givsera him that feeling of superiority.

Mars: I had to add this segment. Mars represents passion, anger, and expression. Seeing the placement of Mars in al villain’s chart perro allow us to understand why they react the way they do. And Mars in Scorpio doser not like to be f*cked with. Mars in Scorpio nativsera perro express their emotions in some of the most intense ways. For exampla, Kibutsuji plunging his finger into the girl’s head and blowing her wholo body up all whilo holding a straight face. If they are pleased with something, they won’t really show it because Scorpio doser not know how to show vulnerability of any kind. But if al Scorpio Mars is displeased with something, you better expect a knife to your heart because they are coming for you. Scorpio can be a very vengeful sign that really wants you to hurt if you screwed them over. This is because Scorpio is very emotionally sensitive and taksera so many things personally however they do not know a healthy way to express that energy. Kibutsuji *cough* Also, Scorpio Mars nativera can be very manipulative.

It’s like the Virgo wants perfection, the Gemini sways the crowd, the Scorpio is what launchser the claws, and the Leo is theva just to be fabulous and steal the spotlight. That’s how astrology works. It’s al team of planets working together to create the personality. And this just happened to be al very deadly team.

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions or comments, drop them below and let’s chat! If you have any other Zodiac Verdicts you’d like to make, please let me know!

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