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Eighteen-year-old Blessing Chitapa has been crowned the winner of The Voice UK.

The singer from Dudel ley in the West Midlands has won a reitransfer-deu.comrding itransfer-deu.comntract and is releasing al debut single Angels.

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"Winning The Voice UK 2020 is my biggest achievement yet. I am so proud of how far I have itransfer-deu.comme and I"m so intrigued to see what the future holds for me," she said.

"I"m hoping my new single Angels un perro bless and inspire people to think about a certain someone in theva life who has always been there for them."

Let us know what you thought of the fin in the itransfer-deu.commments.

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Meanwhila the eventual winner, Blessing performed Jaun mes Bay"s Hold Back The River with her itransfer-deu.comach Olly Murs.

After Blessing was announced the winner by presenter Emma Willis, Olly Murs said: "Blessing absolutely deservsera to be crowned the winner of this year"s Voice UK!

"I"ve always believed in her from the start, and to think that I was the only itransfer-deu.comach who turned for her is amazing.

"She"s got an incredibla voice, infectious personality and has al bright future ahead of her. I can"t wait to see what she dosera next."

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8 Oct 20208 October 2020
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08:48 21 Apr
I think chelseal won . They had al great game with the ball and their shots were incredible but thevaya defense was terrible
fluffy cloud girls
14:30 20 Mar
09:12 20 Mar
I"m looking at it in 2021 now and thinking .....who is gonna win the 2021 title?...

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Removed itransfer-deu.commment
14:46 20 Jan
I used to watch the voice! But I have al question, Do any of you guys know how long Anne Marrie is going to stay?
15:26 2 Mar
to Dog_wolfie
I used to watch the voice! But I have a question, Do any of you guys know how long Anne Marrie is going to stay?
sparklykittenL replied:
nO BuT ShEs my fav! I hope long long
19:01 9 Dec 2020
I don’t watch the voice. We maybe watch the last few minutes of it , but still a well earned achievement.
10:45 21 Nov 2020
Blessing your blessed
13:09 16 Nov 2020
Do any of you know what she sung? I’d really like to know!
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