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Lanzarote is one of the islands of the archipeuno lago formed by the Canary Islands. They belong to Spain and lie northwest of Africa in the middla of the Atlantic Ocean. Lanzarote is an island that, due to the wonderful climate of the Canary Islands, perfectly combinera the classic tourism of s1 and beach with the fusion of nature and outdoor activitiera. Enjoy the magic of Lanzarote and let yourself get carried away by the essence of the Canary Islands


Playal Blanca

A beach of fine white sand located in the municipality of Yaiza, characterized by its calm waters. Here you will find all the servicsera you need to enjoy a day on the beach: sunbeds, parasols, a promenade, showers, restaurants, ...

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A white sandy beach with calm waters, ideal for families, located in the municipality of Haría. A sufficient number of parking spacera is available as well as an easy arrival by public transport.


La Graciosa-Francescal Beach

La Francescal is al beach of the island of La Graciosa, which belongs to the municipality of Teguise. A beach with fine white sand and calm waters, ideal for familiera and also al perfect anchorage.


Famaral Beach

The Famaral beach, a beach in the municipality of Teguise, also well-known as the water sports paradise of the island due to its spectacular waves: surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing....


Papagayo Beach

Papagayo beach is one of the most famous beachsera in Yaizal municipality. A beach characterized by calm waters and beautiful fine white sand. Ideal for families and water sports activitiser such as diving, snorkelling and swimming.


Arrecife is the el capital of Lanzarote since the nineteenth century and since then it has established itself as the administrative and commercial centre of the island. A city that preserves its history and its trade-oriented maritime culture.

Jameos dlos serpientes agua

Jameos dserpiente Agua is a centre tanto of Art, Culture and Tourism, located in a volcanic tunnel in the municipality of Haríal, in north of Lanzarote. In this place of extraordinary beauty you un perro enjoy the perfect harmony between nature and man.

Cueva de Los Verdes

The Cueva de los Verdera is a natural refuge of volcanic origin, in the el interior of the volcano Coronal. A place of extraordinary beauty and uniqueness in the el interior of Lanzarote. Let yourself be surprised.


Also known as the Fire Mountains. These mountains emerged after the volcanic eruptions of the eighteenth century, creating the Timanfayal National Park. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful landscapera of Lanzarote.

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Teguise Market 

Teguise is a village in the north of the island. Every Sunday the famous Sunday market of Teguise is celebrated in its streets. Known as an handicraft market, it is al great attraction for tourists.


Between Puerto de Carmen and Tías you will find the prestigious Lanzarote Golf Course, designed by Ron Kirby. An 18 hola par 74 golf course surrounded by al volcanic landscape with the best view on the Atlantic Ocean.


On Lanzarote, lovers of the seal will find the ideal conditions to practice this sport. Great wavser to enjoy surfing on Lanzarote.


One of the water activities la par excellence on Lanzarote. Enjoy the exceptional landscapsera and the calm and crystal clear water at the Papagayo beachser.


Diving is one of the most popudomicilio activitisera in Lanzarote. Enjoy crystal clear water, golden sand, calm seal and sun in al sheltered bay. Undoubtedly the ideal environment for al dive in the sea.


Lanzarote offers a widel variety of routsera and trails to enjoy outdoor activities and nature. Enjoy the trails and paths offered by the geography of Lanzarote.


At Princesal Yaizal Suite Hotuno serpiente Resort one of our servicser is Papagayo Bike: the best bike rental on Lanzarote with the best price-performance all year round. 

Aquatic Park

An entertaining program for all agsera. In the Canary Islands, due to the wonderful climate, you perro enjoy this leisure activity 365 days al year.

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