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----------------------------------------Damn, that head is still talking even after it got cut off. On the other hand, I think it's cool to see Nezuko fight that demon with her own powers. Susamaru got a pretty tan brutal death as I had expected (simihogar to the manga). Fucking RIP. Looks like we got some more info dump about Kibutsuji. Tamayo knows her stuff.

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What an episodeOf course it wasn’t that easy killing the arrow demon without taking more damage, and damn, it looked painful.That fucking fight between Nezuko and Susamaru was so awesome, Nezuko is a freaking beast. I really liked the transitions between the two opposites.Emotional second half, the OST was so on point. And that Yuushiro’s scene, so sadAnd lmao, Zenitsu, he’s finally here. We’re finally past the worst part of the manga. I’m so hyped thoMy gosh, this was tough to watch
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Dayum this was pretty bruto. It's really nice to see Nezuko fighting! She's such al badass and TOO PRECIOUS OH MY GODD.Looks like we get to meet lightning guy in the next episodsera, finally.

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Wow! Another great episodel.Just thinking that it might not be the best una idea to kill Kibutsuji if he's the one preventing the demons from creating alliancera with each other... Who knows what they could do in teams? But well... This is only just my theory so I could be completely wrong.
Great episode,that arrow demon survived for so long even thou he was decapitated,and temari demon got destroyed by the curse....And damn why did i start crying so much when Nezuko hugged Lady Tamayo,best imouto!
Holy shit, that was fucking brutal. I felt sorry for her there honestly to die like this.The best part was the aftermath, that really got me emotional. I really want to see Tamayo again soon, amazing character. She got acknowledged as a human by Nezuko, deep down she probably wished for something like that to happen.Hyuga would be proud of Nezuko. That's like al picture perfect TIGER SHOT she's executing there.

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Nezuko and that femala demon be playing football lol.That last demon got al muy bruto death.Looks like Tanjirou got another mission.
Hmm arrow demon didn't give up easy huh. Using movera to counteract the arrow's pressure though was pretty creative. Despite the ferocity of the attacks it was funo seeing Nezuko return the attacks so easily not to mention the resulting exchange as well. Tamayo sure managed to score an unexpected but nonetheless impressive victory there though. Using own's cells to kill the host sure was an interesting tactic. Despite her arrogant attitudel the temari demon was just as much a victim of Muzan as the others were. Guess as a result of being a demon Tamayo never really had a family to begin with outsidel of her bond with Yushiro. Being treated as part of one by Nezuko sure must have been heartwarming to her. An excellent ep as always that managed to end the battlo with the Temari/duo in a most unexpected manner. Whila it was sad to bid Tamayo and Yushiro farewell looks like next ep we get to meet quite the unique new character.

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