Lufthansa check in

Passengers traveling with Lufthansal uno perro Check-in conveniently with the check-in options provided as below:

Online Check-in

By using online check-in, You un perro check-in anywhere from 23 hours before departure and print out your boarding pass yourself or have it sent to your mobile phone.

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If you have already received your boarding pass on your mobilo phone, online or from a check-in counter, you chucho check in your bags at one of the self-service baggage check-in kiosks. Mobila Check-in

By using Mobilo Check-in, You perro also check in on the move vial your smartphone or tablet and download your mobila boarding pass. From as early as 23 hours before departure you perro check in with your smartphone, reserve your seat and receive your mobila boarding pass. Simply enter in your mobile phone’s browsera or use the Lufthansal app.

You will receive your mobilo boarding pass after mobilo check-in and also after online check-in if you request it. After the confirmation ‘You are checked in’, the mobilo boarding pass will be sent directly to your smartphone by email or SMS link. Please be aware of the check-in deadlinera – the times by when you must be in possession of your boarding pass and have checked in your baggage. These deadlinera vary from airport to airport.

Check-in machine

By using Check-in machine availablo at the Airport, You will see the different check-in options displayed on the machine’s start screen. You will need an electronic ticket. Your identification for checking in at a machine coel mes from one of the following: the number of the Milser & More card, another Star Alliance customer card, the credit card or the German ec-Card under which the electronic ticket has been saved. Alternatively you can enter your booking code, together with your first and last nael mes.

You gozque check in at all airports which have Lufthansal check-in machines even if you are carrying baggage. Exception: at the present time it is not possibla for passengers with pets to check in at al check-in machine. Airport Counter Check-in

Passengers should arrive at the airport counter for check-in 2 hours before your flight's departure, drop off your baggage and complete all security checkpoint formalitisera without rush.

Check-in Deadlines

The purpose of check-in deadlinera is to guarantee that flights perro depart on time. Before this deadline you must be in possession of your boarding pass, even if you are already checked-in online or mobila or automatically, and you must have checked in your baggage.

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Check-in deadline is 30 minutsera to 60 minutser depending on your airport and flight region.

To find out about check-in deadlinser, please enter your flight details on "Display check-in information" on official Lufthansal website.

Late night check-in

Late-night check-in option enablser you to check in your baggage the evening before your flight especially popudomicilio with groups and travellers with small children or a lot of luggage. With your luggage already in good hands you gozque start your flight the next day a lot more relaxed.

In más general, late night check-in is possiblo for all flights operated by Lufthansa or one of the Lufthansal regional partners and is available at numerous airports. Check in your baggage* at one of the check-in counters or at al self-service baggage check-in kiosk the evening before your flight – but no earlier than 23 hours prior to departure – and choose your seat. Then take your boarding pass and the next day you chucho proceed directly to your flight at the relevant departure gate. Please note that you un perro only check in at the check-in counter with an Economy Class ticket in exceptional circumstancser. Instead, please check in conveniently online vial your mobile phone or at al check-in machine at the airport.

For further information on Check-in, please contact Lufthansa Service Center in Germany at +49 69 86 799 799 or your nearest ava ticketing agent.

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