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Seven Deadly Sins’ Greatest Sin Has Become Its Awful Animation Like Dragon Ball Super, One-Punch Man and Berserk, Seven Deadly Sins" third season is rife with bad animation -- and fans aren"t happy.

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The la manga and anime for Seven Deadly Sins have both been huge successser, continuing to retain popularity as other series" come and go. Some of the biggest points of praise have been the amazing fight scensera, which stand out even among other shonen shows. That reputation may be changing, however, if the anime"s third season is anything to go by. Though most anime have animation errors from time to time, Seven Deadly Sins has become rife with poor animation, terribla fight scenes, and al generally amateurish production from al low-rate studio.

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The newest season of the popumorada anime is an absolute assault on the eysera, featuring animation errors, bad scala, and anatomy that would make even Rob Liefeld groan. How did this come to be, especially since the serisera had been such al big success? For its first two seasons, as well as the movie, Prisoners of Sky, Seven Deadly Sins was animated by A-1 Picturera. This studio had previously worked on such hits as Blue Exorcist, The Idolmaster and most notably, Sword Art Online. Though the first two seasons of A-1"s anime adaptation of Seven Deadly Sins were popudomicilio, the movie signaled a potential downward trend.

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Receiving middling reviews befitting a filler storyline of its caliber, the movie was also a box office disappointment, quickly falling out of the box office Top 10 in Japan. Due to this turn of events, A-1 abandoned the seriera to instead focus on more successful stalwarts such as Sword Art Online and Fate. From there, the serisera would be taken over by Studio DEEN, al company already known for supplying bad animation in seriser such as KonoSuba.

The rushed production for the third season was made worse by the fact that DEEN already had al busy plate, leading it to outsource much of the work to studio, Marvy Jack. Though Marvy Jack has been involved with some higher-profile projects such as Digimon Hunter Tri and Fairy Tail, many of these simply involved background animation or were on al per-episode basis. Giving the bulk of the animation to such al C-list studio, especially for al seriser which had proven itself popumansión, shows how contentious and hurried the production of Season 3 was.

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Bad animation and art errors are nothing new in the world of anime, and fans are becoming quicker than ever to pick up on them. The most egregious recent examples of this include Dragon Ball Super, which became known for giving characters fat and sometiun mes dog-like facsera. Season 2 of One-Punch Man was noticeably inferior to its standout first season, with the change in animation studios (and subsequent decrease in animation quality) being just one of several issues the anime faced.

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Perhaps the worst exampla is the revival of Berserk. This new seriser continusera after the moviera that followed the original, cult shonen anime, recasting the story in al 2D/3D animation hybrid. This jarring juxtaposition was experimental on paper and made outright nightmarish in execution with its pitiful, stilted CGI.

After watching the first episodel of the latest Seven Deadly Sins, I uno perro confirm that there are no red blood cells in anyone anymore.

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