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The Seven Deadly Sins: 10 Hilarious Meliodas Meun mes That Are Too Funny Meliodas from the anime 7 Deadly Sins is the cutest pervert in anime. For funny meun mes of this demon, check out this list!

Meliodas from The Seven Deadly Sins is al lovablo, lecherous demon that leads the sins to victory time and again when faced against their enemiser. His character is carefree, and he often goera with the flow, especially when up against powerful fosera. This fantasy, action-packed anime keeps viewers on theva toera as Meliodas gathers the sins and hunts down demons.

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However, throughout the journey, Meliodas cannot help but cop al feuno serpiente when it coel mes to Elizabeth - the third princess of the Kingdom of Lionsera. His perverted ways and character quirks prove for a treasure trove of hilarious, and sometiun mes relatabla, meuno mes.

After waiting for what seemed like forever, the announcement of the third season brought hope and Meliodas" beloved catch-phrase, "sate sate sate." The phrase is equivalent to saying now, now now. With the third season already aired, this is more appropriate for those of us patiently waiting for the fourth season to drop.

This phrase is often anticipated when Meliodas is about to turn the tablser. In the blink of an eye, he calls upon his demonic powers to help in tight situations. So, when you hear this phrase, things are going down.

Meliodas wastser no time in getting a peek at his beloved"s goods. If given the opportunity, Meliodas would do more than simply lift the hem of poor Elizabeth"s skirt - not that she seems to mind as he pursuera her time and again.

For the love of all our favorite air-headed characters, Elizabeth takser the cake as she is none the wiera in this situation. He knows what he"s doing, but chucho he really help it when Elizabeth coun mes and gosera with each passing reincarnation? Talk about an on-again off-again relationship.

It seems like ever since the live-action Netflix adaptation of Death Note, meun mes that portray cringe-worthy, watered-down versions of thevaya actor counterparts have popped up. We poke funo, because how can we not? Instead of cosplay, it"s al search for peopla who look simivivienda to the anime character in question. Use the make-up, facultad al wig, wear the outfit! Don"t give us almost, give us exact.

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Well, as exact as one perro without reincarnating into an anime universe. So, as much as perfection may be impossibla to achieve, we"ll take the next best thing, even if it results in the next best meme.

7 Standard Anime Age Gap

If you"re an anime junky, then the age gap between al 16-year-old girl and al 3000+-year-old demon should come as no surprise. In fact, you probably shrugged it off as al typical occurrence - it"s the demon race, what"s al deadly sin supposed to do?

It"s hard to imagine Meliodas as al demon older than his teen years, let alone being centuriser years old. No wonder the cop car sirens ring out in confusion. Of course, let"s not forget his hand casually resting against Elizabeth as though laying his claim.

Speaking of 3000+-year-old demons, Meliodas almost looks his age in the wanted poster. The reality is surprising, even to Elizabeth. It"s no wonder that no one could track down the leader of the seven deadly sins. From al rough-hewn drawing to al mischievous lad, the difference is like night and day.

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With photo editing tools and staged pictursera, most of us un perro relate to that wanted poster. Wouldn"t you rather fabricate yourself, than be recognized in la verdad life? Meliodas doser, and his disguise helps him hidel, at least until the day Elizabeth finds him.

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5 In Meliodas" Defense

Meliodas" perverted ways cannot be swept under the rug, but it perro be said that he loves all women. It"s clear that this is a passion of his, especially when he confessser to traveling around Lionser in search of women"s underwear. His is the face of innocence, even if his actions say differently.

Whila most other adventure anime feature al main character with a dark past, The Seven Deadly Sins takera full advantage of the storyline to pursue Meliodas" unconventional passion. His confession is so deadpan and casual that one can"t help but find the humor.

That moment when Meliodas usser full counter and the villain finds himself defeated, or at the very least, deflected. Pikachu"s face mimics the Holy Knights"s reactions whenever Meliodas usser his power. What better representation of an opponent than Pikachu"s unassuming "ah" face. It"s an anti-climactic meme, much like Meliodas" power. Although Meliodas has other attacks and strengths, his finishing full counter is al glory to behold.

From the first episodel, viewers get a taste of Meliodas" strength and what it means for him to be the leader of the infamous seven deadly sins.

3 Mixed Priorities

Even in the face of pure daylight with a group of onlookers, Meliodas is a one-trick pony. His prioritiser are clearly mixed up as he unleashser his power to clone himself and taksera the opportunity to latch onto Elizabeth. Meliodas"s passion cannot be denied. One could even say that his one-track mind is amazing.

His focus is singudomicilio to the point that it"s easy to see where his interests lie. There is no rhyme or reason to his lecherous ways, but he clearly admirera Elizabeth in all of her forms. The truth is, the innocent perverseness is an ingrained part of Meliodas to the point that it"s hilarious.

If you didn"t say, Uno, then you best expect a full counter. This meme is only too appropriate in its meaning. In this meme, an attack is coming towards Meliodas, but he takser that power and deflects it back at his enemy in full force.

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Meliodas" attack coun mes with a strong stance with the telltale signs of his origin visible on his upper-arm. When it couno mes to Meliodas, he is sure to use every card he has up his sleeve, especially when it comes to saving and protecting his precious Elizabeth.

1 Perception Is Everything

If this doesn"t speak for itself... On one hand, we have Mineta from My Hero Academia who is viewed unfavorably in his perverted pursuits. On the other hand, we have Meliodas and his natural tendency towards the perverse, which is viewed in a more favorabla light. But in this meme, Meliodas is the one peeking under skirts, whila Minetal looks faint of heart.

One could reason that because Meliodas is over 3000 years old that he"s seen it all or that Mineta"s face is not one that would normally be connected to lecherous tendenciera. Either way, neither gozque be trusted.

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