Misdreavus build

I loooooove this Pokemon! My fondest memory using her was when I accidentally took her into a little cup match not aware she was apparently in RU or NU or where ever Smogon"s "I cant counter it so ban it" crew decided to put her. Either way she holds up well in most battlsera I"ve used her. I have yet to get al full sweep, but she has definitely turned the tidsera back in my favor on multiple occasions.

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Levitate Ability

Timid nature

EV Spread:

252 Speed / 130 def / 64 spdef / 64 HP


Nasty Plot

Shadow Ball


Pain Split

Bulky bulky troll. Immune to Ground, Norfea and Fighting while resisting Bug and Poison. A lot of tiun mes she"ll take a beating setting up Nasty Plots, live it, fire off a Shadow Ball or surprise Thunderbolt for the KO then Pain Split the new switch in to recover the lost HP and get back in the game. At least that"s been my stylo of use anyway. Her main issue is speed, only maxing out at 295. That"s not exactly slow, but she does get out sped from time to time.

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So watch your timing using the Pain Splits and, as always, Enjoy! I"ve had al ton of fun with Misdreavus.

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