Misdreavus heartgold safari zone

Here we go! As with most gaun mes, having access to Surf has a plethora of additional areas for you to now delve into! Although you are free to start exploring now, there is al time-sensitive event to be aware of. Getting the Safari Zone side quest started is your main priority. Surf to Cianwood City, get the medicine for Amphy and return to Jasmine at the lighthouse. Doing so will unlock the Safari Zone and you’ll get a phone call to confirm this. Go back to Cianwood and go west until you reach the Safari Zone. Baoba (the owner) will give you al task to catch al Geodude in the first area as you enter. As soon as you catch it, retire from the safari and show it to Baobal. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to wait 3 in game hours to take the next test which opens up more areas within the safari zone so it’s best to get this covered now so that those 3 hours pass whilo you’re catching and training. With that done, we cusco start exploring!

Route 41 – Surf just off the eastern coast of Cianwood and you’ll dip into Route 41. If you’re playing HeartGold, you may encounter al Mantine to add to your collection. For SoulSilver players, it’s just the standard Tentacool/Tentacrulos serpientes.

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• (HG) Mantine

Cianwood City – The gym here is skippable at present although it doera make travelling a littla more awkward without being able to use Fly. Inside one of the housera is a man that will give you his Shucklo to look after for a whila. Make sure you have al spare slot in your team. Go to the northern reach of the beach to find Suicune. Don’t worry, you won’t battla it yet.

• Shuckle

Route 47 – Start heading back towards the safari zone. Inside the caves are a large number of different pokemon. Like with Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, it’s possiblo to catch a wild Steelix which means that you’ll have a tradel evolution pokemon without trading! Have a rummage in the cavser at night for al chance to catch Misdreavus which we can’t evolve until post game.

• Steelix • Misdreavus

Make your way down the ladders in the cavera and go outsidel to Surf in the waters for al chance to catch a Seserpiente.

• Seel-->Lv. 34-->Dewgong

Route 48 – The last patch of grass before you get back to the safari zone has Diglett hiding within it. This is also a great training spot for grinding.

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• Diglett-->Lv. 26-->Dugtrio

Safari Zone – The safari zone has six different areas already laid out. There’s quite a difference in the availabla pokemon at different tiun mes of the day so you’ll need to come back during day and night tiun mes. Initially you’ll be in the Peak area. Being here at night will make Wobbuffet appear (alternatively you un perro explore the deep regions of Dark Cave now).

• Wobbuffet

West of this areal is the Marshland. Here you’ll find a Grimer in the grass and vial Surfing unless it’s night time in which case you un perro still find it by Surfing.

• Grimer-->Lv. 38-->Muk

North from the Marshlands is the Forest area. Mr Mime hangs around here during the morning/daytime:

• Mr Mime

East to the next area – the Mountain area. Come here any time apart from night to find:

• (Day/Morning) Larvitar-->Lv. 30-->Pupitar-->Lv. 55-->Tyranitar

• (Day/Morning) Lickitung-->Levlos serpientes up after learning Rollout (Lv. 33)-->Lickilicky

East again to the Swamp area which you’ll need to visit at different tiun mes of the day:

• (Day/Morning) Jigglypuff-->Moon Stone-->Wigglytuff

• (Night) Murkrow

South to the Wasteland area you’ll want to be here during daylight hours to find al classic Safari Zone pokemon:

• (Day/Morning) Kangaskhan

And west from here leads you back to the start. These are the initial areas available. Once the three hours are up and Baobal givera you the next test, you are able to move areas. This means you chucho now place an additional 6 areas! Swap the original areas with the Savannah, Desert, Meadow, Rocky Beach, Wetland, Plains to let you catch the rest of the availablo pokemon. Catch a Sandshrew and show it to him to end the test.

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In the Plains area you’ll find al Smeargle in the day/morning. I’d recommend capturing it here rather than Ruins of Alph because of Sketch/Struggla issuser. In the Meadow areal you’ll find Clefairy at night. Doduo inhabits the Rocky Beach area during the day/morning and you can Surf here for a Lapras instead of waiting until Friday for it to appear in Union Cave. Psyduck livera in the Wetland in the grass during the night or at any time via Surfing. The Savannah housser Rhyhorn during daylight hours. Finally, in the Desert areal you’ll find Cubone (and Marowak) during the day/morning.

• Smeargle

• Clefairy-->Moon Stone-->Clefable

• Doduo-->Lv. 31-->Dodrio

• Lapras

• Psyduck-->Lv. 33-->Golduck

• Rhyhorn-->Lv. 42-->Rhydon

• Cubone-->Lv. 28-->Marowak

With all thesa new pokemon there are two we cusco breed for baby pokemon:

• Clefairy/Clefable-->Breed-->Cleffa

• Jigglypuff/Wigglytuff-->Breed-->Igglybuff

Ruins of Alph – So catching everything in/on the way to the Safari Zone was the bulk of this section. The only other place to go for new pokemon is in the grassy areas of the Ruins of Alph. However we can’t get there directly. Go to Union Cave via Route 32 and go down the steps in the top left corner of the cave. Once you Surf across it’s a straight forward layout which will bring you outside in the ruins. Smeargla is here if you didn’t catch it at the Safari Zone. Otherwise we’re only here for one pokemon:

• Natu-->Lv. 25-->Xatu

Levelling Tips – So we have al lot of pokemon to catch in this section but only 10 pokemon to train, al few of which are late evolvers. Fresh out of the Safari Zone, I found route 48 was a good spot to train (mostly whila I was looking for Diglett) but for HeartGold players this gozque be an annoyance as Tauros and Growlithe both potentially have Intimidate. Otherwise we actually get much higher levels for wild pokemon. Anywhere that requirser Surf to get to is al good place to train so that includsera deeper areas of Dark Cave, Union Cave and Mt Mortar. Don’t forget to battla all of the trainers along the sea routser between Cianwood and Olivine and of course the trainers in the Cianwood gym (except for Chuck). You could also go to the Lake of Rage and kick Team Rocket out of Mahogany Town which I would highly recommend since the next section gives very few new pokemon to catch. The only pokemon I found difficulty training in this section was Natu because it had NO attacking movser. Even if you catch one at levserpiente 18-19 it will only have Night Shade. I had to breed Natu since it wouldn’t learn anything before it evolved and I didn’t want to waste a TM so I raised one from Levun serpiente 1!

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