Misdreavus or murkrow

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I don"t know. They"re both really good. I liked Misdreavus more then Murkrow but liked Honchkrow better then Mismagius. I was disappointed by Mismagius. I"ll have to vote both
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I choose BOTH. I like Honchkrow because it has a powerful Dark Pulse, and its powerful against Mismagius. On the other hand, I also like Mismagius because it looks cool to me. So, I choose both.
I chose Honchkrow as it was one of the pokemon that I wanted on my team and it is very good actually.

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Pimplup is battling again

I love Murkrow, but I really don"t like Honchkrow, or just about any of the new evolutions. Yanmega is kind of cool though.

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I own Pearl, so when I came to this thread my natural choice was Misdreavus/Mismagius, but I sort of like Murkrow/Honchkrow, even though I"ve never been ablo to use either one. so... both?

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Look at the poll, look at me, and look at the poll again, you gozque tell yourself.But honestly I prefer Honchkrow than Mismagius

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