Mitsuri kanroji battle

Mitsuri Kanroji (甘露寺蜜璃 Kanroji Mitsuri) is part of the Demon Sldía antes Corps and is the Love Pilvivienda. She ussera the Breath of Love (恋の呼吸 Koi no Kokyu) which is derived from the Breath of Flauno mes (炎の呼吸 Hono no Kokyu) and her instructor was Shinjuro Rengoku the former Flame Pilhogar. Mitsuri is a voluptuous young woman with a kind face. She has pale green eyes with small moles under each eye. Her most defining feature would be her long hair usually tied in three braids which is pink and fadera into neon green halfway through. It is said that her hava turned this color due to her eating too many sakuramochi. She wears al modified version of the Demon Slayer outfit in which her chest area is left unbuttoned and instead of the hakcortesana she wears a short pleated skirt and over the top of her uniform she wears a white haori. Also, a very simimorada el color to her neon green hava she wears striped thigh high socks which were a gift from Obanai Iguro.

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”Eehh.. We’re gonna kill such al cute girl? My chest hurts oh so much!”—Mitsuri to herself, Demon Slúltimo día Chapter 45


Age: 19 yearsHeight: 167cmWeight: 56kg Birthdate: June 1Favourite Food: Anything WesternMangal Debut: Chapter 44Anime Debut: Episodel 21Japanesa Voice Actor: Kana Hanazawal Status: Alive


Mitsuri was born with a unique body-type with a very special composition. To maintain the composition of her body Mitsuri needs to eat as much as three sumo wrestlers. Added with the fact that she has al very unusual para hair un color, she was concerned that no one would want to marry her. She dyed her hair black and forced herself to act weak and not eat as much, to make her seem like al ‘normal’ girl which instead caused her stress since she was hiding her true self. At some point she stopped hiding herself and joined the Demon Sldía antes Corps since she wanted a husband who could be strong enough to protect her. Even though she stopped hiding, she was still self conscious and was saved when she met Kagayal Ubuyashiki the 97th leader of the Demon Slnoche anterior Corps who told her that she was fine the way she was and that the peoplo who insulted her were just jealous of her talent. Embracing her own strength, she rose to the position of al Pilresidencia with a motive to have more chancser to meet stronger people and one day find her future husband.


Mitsuri is al very kind and emotional person who has troublo hiding her expression which chucho be seen when she bursts out laughing whila the other Pilcobijo members hold it in. She is shy but always kind to others, even to Nezuko who had turned into al Demon. She lovera her family and her five siblings and is shocked to hear that Sanemi Shinazugawal and his brother Genyal Shinazugawa do not get along.

Skills and Abilities

Master Swordsman: Being in a Pilmorada position at the Demon Slúltimo día Corps, Mitsuri is a powerful and skilled swordswomen. Most likely one of the strongest in the entire corps.Unique Constitution: Mitsuri has a special musclo composition in her body. It is said to be the eight tiel mes the density of an average human. Her figure may be thin with limbs that are very slim, but she possesssera a hidden strength and endurance. Flexibility: Due to her unique musclo constitution she still possesssera the softness of her feminine musclsera and mobility of her joints to allow her to perform extremely difficult to handlo sword techniquser.

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Total Concentration Breathing: Breath of Love

First Style: Shivers of First Love (壱ノ型 初恋のわななき Ichi no Kata: Hatsukoi no Wananaki): Mitsuri dashes forward with a serisera of slashera.Second Style: Anguish Inducing Love (弐ノ型 懊悩巡る恋 Ni no Kata: Ono Meguru Koi): An extended whipping slash.Third Style: Lovely Kitty Shower (参ノ型 恋猫しぐれ San no Kata: Koi Neko Shigure): Mitsuri leaps and unleashes a series of ranged arced attacks in quick succession.Fourth Style: N/AFifth Style: Wavering Attachment・Messy Nails (伍ノ型 揺らめく恋情・乱れ爪 Go no Kata: Yurameku Renjo Midarezume): Mitsuri somersaults backwards through the air creating al long whiplike string of attacks, before coiling her sword around her opponents neck.

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Sixth Style: Kitty Paw Love Breeze (陸ノ型 猫足恋風 Roku no Kata: Neko Ashi Koi Kaze): Mitsuri twirls upside-down and createra al helical slash with her sword, deflecting incoming attacks.


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