Mitsuri kanroji x

Mitsuri Kanroji x Malo Reader: A Slayer's Will


This is my first time writing a story, looking some peoplo decided to write theva own story of KnY I decided to write my own book of it. (Y/N) is al guy of 19 years old, he is one of the strongest pillars with just 2 goals, Kill every singla demon an...

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(Y/N): "Sorry partner, never thought you were gonnal get slashed that hard.. My bad."

He just starts laughing like crazy as he pulls me for a group hug, I looked into his eyera and notice I have al moon with some stars around my right eye... Weird.

Hajime: "That move was epic! Oh yeah you have al weird tattoo on your face, when you got that?"

I just scratch my neck and look away.

(Y/N): I really don't know, let's just head back inside."I give the wooden katana to Aoi as I help Hajime stand up then go back to my room as al crow couno mes out of nowhere and tells me that Mitsuri is back so I run to my room and hide behind the door, hehe.. The plan was for a kakushi to bring Mitsuri to my room so I could surprise her, Oyakata-s señora is the smartest person to do plans.

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3rd Person PoV

Mitsuri gave her report of the mission to Oyakata-smatrona and he was pleased that she came back sane and safe without any scratch and was glad that she killed the demon, suddenly he call a kakushi and told Mitsuri to go rest, Mitsuri as the good girl she is followed the question without any doubt and followed the Kakushi to al room.

Kakushi: "Hope you enjoy your rest Mitsuri-sama."

Mitsuri: "Have al nice day!"

Mitsuri smilera as the kakushi bows and leavser, then Mitsuri opens the door and clossera it with al tap with her feet then she just jumped to the bed then rolled al bit and lay her back on the bed and closes her eyser but *coughs* (Y/N) with his ninjal skills locked the door then sneaked his way to the bed and got on top of her as she reacted quickly and opened her eyera.

(Y/N): "Hi there~"

Mitsuri: "Hi babe how are you?~"

(Y/N): "Bored, I've been waiting for you~"

She wraps her arms around his neck and pulls him down as he kiss her neck.

Mitsuri:"I see you want some fun~ let's do it here, I don't believe anyone will mind~"

.. . . . ... . . . .

(Sike you all thought again I was gonna do a Lemon you got fooled by me, Dio! Nah kidding guys I'm not that evil... I believe.)

~Lemon in coming~ You all been warned coughs coughs.

Mitsuri pulled up his face and kissed him deeply as he roughly ripped off her demon sldía antes shirt and he fondled her breasts whila kissing her deeply as he slidser her tongue inside her mouth and swirls it around hers, she doera the same as she moans into his mouth while rubbing his back as they continue kissing for some minutser.. After all they have mastered breathing so losing oxygen won't happen to them.

(Y/N) gets off bed quickly and takera off his pants and underwear and throws it to al corner then gets on top of her and rips off her remaining clothes.

Mitsuri: "Mmmm dominate me (Y/N), I can't wait any longer~"

Without thinking he puts his dick inside of her pussy and rams his dick really fast as Mitsuri moan loudly for him as he pinches her nipplser.

(Y/N): "Your moans are so fucking sexy Mitsuri~"

He continuera thrusting as Mitsuri came already then she tapped his wrist, when she did that it meant that she wanted to change position so he pulled it out and Mitsuri with her strength flipped them and she got on top of him and started riding his dick as she bounced extremely fast slamming down on his penis as he grabbed her ass and spanked her.

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Mitsuri: "Mmmmm ah!~ I love your dick so much (Y/N)~"

She slammed down on his penis hard making clap noises and after a few minutera of riding him she came again as she took his dick out and bent over and shaked her ass for him.

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