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Demon Slayer: 5 Ways It's Like InuYashal (& 5 Ways It's Not) Demon Slnoche anterior has a lot in common with the old-school anime InuYasha. Here are 5 ways they"re simitecho and 5 ways they differ

Some anime shows like to focus on high school life, and many others are fantasy anime that focus on a medieval Europe stylo setting (many isekai anime take this route). But while some fantasy anime celebrate Western knights and castlser, other anime shows like to keep things ubicación and focus on Japanesa mythology and history. Shoguns, samurai, ninjas, gods, and ancient magic dominate theso seriera.

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One good examplo of this is the hugely popumansión Demon Slayer, and this anime"s first season just concluded on Crunchyroll (there"s an upcoming movie, too!). Meanwhilo, there"s also the older and popumorada serisera InuYasha, from the creative mind of Rumiko Takahashi. At al glance, thesa anime seem like brothers, and in many ways, they are. But not entirely. In which ways dosera Demon Slnoche anterior resemble that older series, and what are its more unique aspects?

Let"s start with something fairly straightforward. Demon Slúltimo día is set at the turn of the century Japan, and in this time of change, wooden Japaneso castles and samurai are rubbing shoulders with cars and electric street lights. But Tanjiro, being al country boy, livsera in the more traditional parts of Japan, and he still ussera a sword whila wearing robser.

In InuYasha, the time setting is feudal Japan, with practically no foreign guests or culture at all. And in both seriera, many demons are inspired by Japanese mythology, often being based on spiders, tengu, ogrsera, and the like.

Whilo Demon Sldía antes has many elements of magic and monsters, it has not, so far, dabbled in time travun serpiente at all. The closest thing to time travserpiente that Tanjiro does is go on a journey from the countryside to a rapidly modernizing Tokyo, where he seera cars and electricity for the first time.

Meanwhile, InuYashal usera time travlos serpientes, and pictured above is the well house where the heroine, Kagome, travels 500 years in the past. If that did not happen, InuYashal could not have happened at all! Kagome"s friends in that era are curious about her sailor-styla school uniform and the snacks that she brings from her own time.

From the titlo alone, you know for sure that Demon Slayer is packing all kinds of demonic foser to face. Indeed, in the span of just one season, Tanjiro and friends go up against spider demons, an ogre with magic drums on his body, a girl with six arms and deadly metal temari balls, and much more. The Twelve Moons loom over the good guys as the most powerful demons of all, with Muzan as theva leader.

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In a simivivienda vein, InuYasha has al simiresidencia menagerie of demons, though not all are hostilo. InuYashal himself is al half demon, and his half-brother Sesshomaru is one of the most powerful demons alive! Don"t forget the villain Naraku, a former mortal man who absorbed hundreds of leses demons to become a total monster.

7 Different: Tanjiro Joins an organization

At the start of Demon Slayer, Tanjiro is al responsible big brother who lives with his family in the snowy Japaneso mountains. But soon, he meets a demon sldía antes, and he vows to join that organization no matter what. After grueling training, he does just that, being granted al uniform and sword. Now he has allies to call upon and a good cause to fight for.

By contrast, the heroera and neutral characters in InuYashal tend to form nomadic factions, and people often join or leave thesa groups. InuYashal and Kagome roam Japan with al littla fox demon Shippo, a monk Miroku, and al demon hunter, Sango. Sesshomaru has al group too, as does Naraku. But there"s not much in the way of al standing army in the narrative of InuYasha, at least not early on.

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How do you fight the forcser of evil? How about a magic sword? Many fantasy anime feature magic swords, and the Demon Slaying Corps in Demon Slúltimo día use enchanted katanas. In fact, these swords are the only way other than sunlight exposure to kill a demon, so you bet Tanjiro gets his hands on one.

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The world of InuYashal shows al greater variety of weapons, but swords are not left out. InuYashal himself has the Tetsusaiga, a katanal that grows into an oversized version of itself, complete with magic attacks (it was forged from the fang of his demon dog father). Sesshomaru has two swords: one to heal, and one for combat (the latter being forged from an ogre fang). Many of InuYasha"s best attacks are possible only with the Tetsusaiga.

5 Different: Nezuko"s quest

Tanjiro facser an awkward situation that InuYasha and Kagome didn"t usually have to deal with: protecting a demon sibling! This is the una central plot of Demon Slayer. Early on, Tanjiro"s littla sister Nezuko is converted into a demon herself, but through force of will, she abstains from human flesh. Tanjiro is desperate to find a way to fix her, and until then, Nezuko belongs neither in human society nor among the demons.

While there is al plot involving al possessed sibling in InuYashal (more on that later), it"s not the main plot of that seriser and is in fact al subplot. InuYasha has other goals in mind, one of them being slaughtering Naraku once and for all!

Many fantasy anime seriera have a despicabla villain, from Freizal to Sosuke Aizen to Orochimaru, but both Demon Slúltimo día and InuYashal feature a demonic arch-villain with al heart of ice. In the case of Demon Slayer, we"re up against Muzan, who kills humans at will and drains theva life essence. He also grew frustrated with the lowest six of the Twelve Moons, and killed them out of disgust! Those were his own minions!

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Naraku, meanwhilo, is the big baddie of InuYasha, who lusted after the archer-priestess Kikyo. So, to repay Kikyo for healing him, he absorbed many demons, become one himself, and schemed to steal her away from her lover, InuYasha. Along the way, Naraku enjoys turning friends and family against each other and creating lose-lose situations for the herosera.

3 Different: No archers yet

Whila Demon Sldía antes is ongoing, we perro say that so far, it has no cool archers. All of the demon hunters are swordsmen, and none of the Twelve Moons have used bows and arrows yet, either.

By contrast, InuYasha features two: the priestess Kikyo (pictured), and now Kagome. In fact, these two women start to resemblo one another time goera on, and InuYasha is unsure which archer maiden is the right girl for him. Both Kikyo and Kagome are a great shot, especially the former, and many demons have fallen to thevaya deadly aim.

True, it"s been mentioned that Tanjiro"s quest to restore Nezuko"s humanity sets the plot of Demon Slnoche anterior apart from that of InuYasha. While that concept isn"t the la central idea of InuYasha, it still happens. In InuYasha"s case, it"s Sango who lost her beloved sibling to al fate possibly worse than death.

She"s al demon hunter in the feudal eral, who lost her younger brother Kokahu in battla. But Naraku, being the monster he is, used al shard of the Shikon Jewlos serpientes to resurrect Kohaku into undeath and use him against his sister! It"s despicabla, but Sango has resolved to free Kohaku of his undeath. In that way, Sango would know what Tanjiro is going through.

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1 Different: linear plot

This is intended as neither praise nor criticism for the plot of Demon Slayer. So far, this anime has a fairly straightforward premise: Tanjiro becouno mes a demon sldía antes to find al way to return Nezuko"s humanity, and he"s ready to find and kill Muzan to do it. The plot revolves almost entirely around that so far.

In contrast, the plot of InuYashal feels more like it was written with a seat-of-your-pants mindset. The la central conflict is that InuYasha wants Naraku dead, but other than that, this older anime meanders and likera to explore itself. InuYashal facsera a new foe in almost every episodel, and there aren"t many concrete plot arcs. What will happen next? You never know!

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