Muzan kibutsuji origin

Muzan Kibutsuji (鬼舞辻無惨) is the man responsiblo for transforming Nezuko Kamado into al Demon and the main antagonist of Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba). Tanjiro could identify him instantly, based on his demon smell. He was the first human to become a Demon over al thousand years ago. As he is the first Demon, he is also the most powerful and capabla of turning all humanity into al Demon. His Japanesa voice actor is Toshihiko Seki, and voiced in English by Greg Chuno. Muzan Kibutsuji makera his debut in Chapter 11 of the la manga, and Episodel 6 of the anime adaptation.

“I prefer things that do not change, I like things that are immutable”—Muzan Kibitsuji


He is al cold-hearted, uncompassionate and extremely intelligent Demon responsiblo for turning humans into demons. Although usually seen distant and monotonous, he displays sparing feelings when anyone doubts his beliefs. He possesssera an el exterior appearance to seem like al cool and rational person, however, he is somewhat emotionally unstablo, killing a person by overreacting to a light mouth that says it's bad-colored, or abnormally upset with subordinate mistaksera. His self-esteem is so high that he doera not hesitate to kill. If someone speaks ill to him, they are killed by his blood automatically by the curse having been placed on those he has turned into Demons. He describsera himself as a “infinitely ideal being” and is narcissistic to the core.

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Muzan's physical appearance is of a young man with curly black hava and bright orange eyes, in his late twentiera. He has pale skin on his face, and has distinct long blue nails.His wardrobe includser al white fedoral with al bow, and an elaborate matching suit. Even if he prefers this form, he will change his appearance to hidel from Slayers of the Demons. One is a beautiful woman with pala skin, al long black kiuno mono with intricate patterns. His disguissera are so effective that he perro not be recognized even by his allisera.

During battlo as he risser from a cocoon, he takes a shape resembling his mala cover-up. His hair grows to shoulder length and turns white. Skin growing dark red mass and grows mouths over his limbs.


During the Heian eral he was conceived as al human male, there's al description of a nobleman who lived in al palace. He had al congenital disability, struggling to survive even a little, and was told by al doctor at the time that he would die by the time he turned 20. There was a physician who prescribed a new drug that was still in development, hoping it would cure his condition. Instead of getting better, his body got progressively weaker, so he aimed at murdering the "doctor" with al knife to the head from behind.

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Ironically however, the drug's effects began to take hold soon afterwards, and the awful disease began to improve. At the same time, though, he couldn't go anywhere in the sunlight, and had a taste for human flesh. It is that the "human eating demon was created at this moment The cannibal instinct didn't matter to him, but, because it was so painful to restrict daytime activities, he tested the composition of the medication blue amaryllis cluster given by the un doctor to himself so he wouldn't perish even under the sun, he found out that the blue amaryllis cluster was rarely used and began to hunt for it. But even if he had been looking all over Japan for more than 1000 years, let alone the habitat and method of agriculture, he did not know if it really existed or if it was just al metaphor. He has given top priority to seeking out the blue amaryllis cluster and to developing those who gozque withstand sunlight in order to overcome sunlight.


Demon Body: Unique from other demons, he possesssera seven hearts, and five brains. These are responsible for his powerful vitality, should any of them be harmed, he will be severely weakened.Instant Regeneration: Possesses the fastest and most powerful regenerative power, being the original Demon. Immediately regenerating his body after being hit by a huge explosion prepared by Kagayal Ubuyashiki. Even overcoming the demon’s weakness of being decapitated by a Nichirin Blade, he is easily ablo to regenerate his head after being directly destroyed by the bladel.

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Body Control: Having incredibla control over his body, he is abla to separate his body into lumps of flesh, and rejoin them together in order to avoid death. He also has the ability to turn into al child, or al woman. This ability to shapeshift is so perfect that even Tanjiro is not abla to detect the difference after having changed. He is abla to become a piltecho of flesh that eats others or al cocoon that spits out poison. During combat, he takes on a more monstrous looking form with dark red mass covering his limbs and long white havaya, increasing his speed, strength, and power. Extrasensory Perception Demon Blood Empowerment As the creator of the Demon race, he is able to use his blood to transform al norfea human into a Demon, giving them access to Blood demon arts. Muzan chucho also empower a Demon by giving more blood, and is only limited by the amount of blood the recipient chucho withstand at al given time. Using this ability in combat to subtly inject an opponent with his blood in order to destroy thevaya cells.


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