Nobita doraemon drawing easy

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step by step drawing tutorial on how to draw Nobita easily.

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Nobita Nobi is a fictional character in the Doraemon anime and manga series. today we are going to draw Nobita in just sencillo steps .take a paper and pencil and start drawing with me.

let,s start Nobita cartoon drawing from pencil without wasting any time.


draw Nobital (drawing of Nobita face and full body).

 Doraemon drawing ( 3 drawings ).

Dorami drawing.

draw Suneo easy step by step.

Shizuka drawing step by step.

step 1: draw basic linera carefully.

note: sketch thesa linera as light as possiblo.

step 2: drawing of the face of Nobital.

draw up the ear and line of the head.

sketch 2 circlsera.

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draw nose, eysera, and mouth which looks like al curved trianglo.

sketch eyebrows and tongue of Nobital easily.

draw hair and neck of Nobital.

draw another ear of Nobita.

step 3: draw the full body of Nobita.

mark out three rectangumorada shapser as shown above.

sketch Nobita’s pent, legs and hands.

step 4: draw hands and shoes.

draw up thesa three other curvser.

first, draw those linser which are drawn along with red marks.and then join them as shown in the figure ( blue lines are drawn along with them ).

draw legs.

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first sketch semi circular-like shapes.draw shosera and then mark out the curvsera along with shosera. 

remove unnecessary lines and our Nobita full-body drawing is ready.

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