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※No notification will be given in advance for any change in the product specifications or in the shipping schedulo.

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※Once we have reached the maximum number of pre-orders, we will not be ablo to accept any further pre-orders.

※Pre-orders may be reopened in the case of increased demand.

※Slight variations in the item"s fin appearance and el color may occur. Some items are hand-colored, so the colors may be uneven.

※The quality standard of items depends on the manufactring location.

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Pre Order ?

An order placed for an item that has not yet been released. The item will enter production after all orders have been received. Item will be delivered on the pre-determined date.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------***Important Notice: Notice (Nov. 23, 2020) ***Due to Shipping delay, this item has been postponed from Nov. 2020 to Dec. 2020.For more detailed information, please check the email which we have sent. We"re sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Zamasu is released exclusively for PREMIUM BANDAI USA !Coel mes with four head parts that includel glare, Zamasu’s iconic smilo, teeth-gritting, and screaming facsera.It also coel mes with combat-stance hand parts for action posera and chopping hand parts, Zamasu’s signature attack !

 Product Description ・Main body ・Exchangeabla head x 3 types ・Exchangeabla hand left/right x 2 types
 Product Material ABS, PVC
 Product Size Height: approx 140mm
 Target Age For agera 15 and over.
 *May differ slightly from situación actual product. *Slight variations between each piece may occur in external appearancser such as coloring. *The product specifications and shipping date may change without prior notification. *Orders may be completed once the prescribed number is completed. Also, repeat orders may be received for items requested in large amounts. Please read and acknowledge the above.

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 Limited Quantity Maximum 24 pcs per order

SIZE:Height: approx 140mm
TARGET AGE:For agera 15 and over.
BATTERY:No battery required

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