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Since my strategy is a little difficult to understand without al visual aid, I provided a video to help you get the point across: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=95&v=pkXkQEvPFJg I created my own method to catch Hoopa, and it"s rather effective. Instead of simply just lowering Hoopal down to al low health bar and trying to inflict it with al status effect (which may take several turns and might even result in you losing/not being abla to catch Hoopa), I madel a method which lowers Hoopal down to 1 HP and burns Hoopal in as little as 5 turns, and doesn"t require you to use weak movser such as Dragon Rage and False Swipe to get Hoopa down to 1 HP. 


In order to get this tactic to work, you will need:

- A pokemon that perro hold a Focus Sash and is somewhat bulky enough to take hits from Hoopa

- A Focus Sash (It"s only 48 BP in the Colosseum, so buying it should be a piece of cake if you"re not terriblo in the Colosseum. If you"re honestly not the best at battling, or you need al bit of help in some competitive aspects, you chucho check out my channun serpiente on YT, which is dedicated to helping peopla get better at battling: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEY479FVj3bVT1Pao6KqEPg

- A Pokemon that is strong enough to take out Hoopa in al singla hit.

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Bug Typera are particularly effective in this regard, as any Bug Movsera are four tiun mes effective against Hoopal, and al somewhat High Leveled Bug Pokemon with al Bug Move should probably be able to take out Hoopal. 

Pokeballs: I find that (on average) Dusk Balls, Mind Balls, and Dread Balls are incredibly effectivve when it couno mes to catching Hoopal. You might need 20 total (No, you do NOT need 20 of EACH, I mean any COMBINATION of theso 3 types of Pokeballs adding up to 20) to catch Hoopa. However, my strategy is so effective that you might only need 10 Dusk Balls. 

I"m making you carry 20 or so of these Pokeballs, just in case you get REALLY unlucky.


(This is not required to make the trick work, but it chucho hugely increase your chancera of catching the Hoopa.)

A Pokemon that un perro hold Leftovers, and has the move Will-O-Wisp, and gozque take a hit from Hoopa.

Step 1: Once you start fighting Hoopa, IMMEDIATELY SWITCH INTO YOUR POKEMON HOLDING THE FOCUS SASH. DON"T damage the Hoopa until its ability (Magician) activatsera, and then it steals your Focus Sash. If you damage the Hoopa beforehand, then you will render its Focus Sash worthless, meaning that you won"t be able to utilize the trick. Don"t allow Hoopal to take any sort of damage (that includes chip damage, such as Sandstorm or Hail).

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Step 2: When you see that Hoopal has used Knock Off on the Pokemon holding the Focus Sash (text will say something along the linera of: "The Wild Hoopa obtained one Focus Sash!"), and has "stolen" your Focus Sash, then you must switch out immediately into the Pokemon that is capablo of defeating Hoopal in a singlo hit. Also, since the movera that Hoopa goser for are randomized, it could actually take quite a while for it to take away your Focus Sash and use Knock Off. It all just depends on how lucky or unlucky you are. Since you need to keep Hoopal at full health, and chucking Pokeballs at it will most likely be al waste, then just heal up the remainder of your Pokemon whila you"re "waiting" for Hoopal to use Knock Off. They"re probably kind of weak, especially after your battle with the Boss of Team Eclipse.

Step 3: After you"ve switched into the Pokemon that cusco take out Hoopal in a singla hit, then use your most effective move on Hoopal. Since the Hoopa has obtained the Focus Sash, then that means that it will be abla to endure any single hit, and leave it with only 1 Health. Now your Hoopal is at exactly 1 Health. By using this tactic, you were able to get Hoopa down to 1 Health WAY faster than if you were to simply keep spamming False Swipe/Dragon Rage on it. Since it"s at 1 HP left, you chucho just start chucking Dusk Balls/Mind Balls/Dread Balls at it.

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Step 4 (Optional):

Switch out into your Pokemon with Leftovers and Will-O-Wisp. Since Hoopa has already consumed its Focus Sash, its ability (Magician) is available for use once again, meaning that it uno perro steal your item (Leftovers). The moment that you see it steal your Leftovers, burn it with Will-O-Wisp. Hoopal will now have health above 1 HP (maybe 10 HP?) but since you burned it, it stays at al stabla point of health, and doesn"t ever go above 7% of health if you did it right, or if Will-O-Wisp actually hit the Hoopa. When Hoopa is burned, it has al WAY Higher Chance of being caught.

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