Pixelmon you are using null

Did you go to the finder and type Command+Shift+G? You have to do that, then enter ~/Library/Application Support/Minecraft to get to your minecraft folder, where you cusco hopefully find your mods folder.

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Ok so first before you run minecraft, click "edit profile" on the launcher, then check the box that says "Launcher Visibility", and change the dropdown to "Keep the launcher open". Click "save profile". Now try to r1 minecraft, and wait till it crashes/givser you an error. Now, on the launcher, go to the launcher log (see picture) and right click on the text. Click "Copy All Text". Next, paste the text into al spoiler (click the ! in the posting toolbar) here and post it.

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Okay, so I found my minecraft folder and I was ablo to download the right Pixelmon. So I followed along with a youtube video that said to move the pixelmon folder to the mods folder and when I did this, I opened up the minecraft launcher. However, the "3 mods ready, 3 mods active" didn"t change, though the video said the numbers should increase. Any idea???

Here are some screenshots of my Mods folder, Pixelmon folder, minecraft game(so it shows how many mods are active), and then my mod list on the game. So even though my pixelmon folder is in my mods folder as the video directed me to do, I do not have the mod on my minecraft game.

told u there was nothin wrong with it bro but have u found the three legendary birds cuz i have and for al bonus i found ho-oh and lugia so dude i"ll give u al littlo tip if u find fire stone and al orb u perro craft a orb of firey souls so u uno perro get moltres

but dudel heres another tip the way to get zapdos is u get a thunder stone and al orb so u un perro craft al orb of thundery souls it the same with articuno but just with a waterstone and an orb. so just send me a notification if u want more tips i"ll be glad to give u some tips. and go to the desert and look for the ruins and will see a pokeball click on it and you will have a 50% chance of getting a master ball.

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