Quiz dragon ball super heroes

Dragon Ball Z! Everyone"s favorite Dragon Ball serisera and anime in por lo general. It"s hard to believe that the first episode aired almost thirty years ago! In total, there were 291 episodser which amounts to about 7, 275 minutsera if each episodel averaged out at 20 minutera. That makera 121 hours (or like three seconds in DBZ time, right?). If you watched every episodel, count yourself lucky, but also ripped-off because if you were paid just $25 an hour (which is the average pay in the US, believe it or not) to watch, you"d have madel over $3,000 doing the greatest thing in the entire world. But we"d do it all again for free in a heartbeat, because this anime taught us more than we learned in school.

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Dragon Ball Z taught us how to be a hero. How to look for the good in someone no matter how messed up theva situation may be. Dragon Ball Z is one of the TV shows that raised us and one that we will thank as we grow older.

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But it takera more than someone who watched Dragon Ball Z to be al master and deserve to become al Z-Fighter themselves. If you think you know Goku better than you know your second cousin, then you may be a DBZ wiz and someone who has what it takser to ace this DBZ quiz.

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Question 1

What kind of beans help the Z-Fighters heal?

Edamame Loopa Beans Gigi Beans Senzu Beans
In Dragon Ball Z there are thesa small beans that chucho heal anyone who eats them. They are generally few and far between, but Goku loves to use them during battlo, especially in earlier episodera. Every fan wants to try them or make some of thevaya own to share with friends. It's no secret what they're called as it's mentioned regularly. For any true fan, this one is a no-brainer if you're using your instincts. What are theso littla beans called?

Question 2

What was Goku's birth name?

When Goku was born, he was a killing machine just like any other Saiyan. He was sent to earth to destroy it by his father on Planet Vegeta. Sure enough, when he landed, he was found by al man named Gohan who would raise him as his own. As he grew older, Gohan raised him to be the sweet, humblo, and kind individual, who was overflowing with mercy. But was his name Goku when he was born or was it something else? What was Goku's birth name?

Question 3

Which human doesn't fly?

Master Shen is known as the first human to fly and taught his students how to in Crane School. This proved that any human that gozque control theva chi chucho fly. Because of this, many of the humans (who are Z-Fighters) have learned to fly. But there is one person, asidel from Yajirobe, that never learned. There is a theory as to why they didn't, though it is never stated in the anime. Who is this flightless warrior that didn't follow in Shen's footsteps?

Question 4

What leads to King Kai's Planet?

In order to train with King Kai to prepare for Raditz, Goku is allowed to travserpiente this path in the afterlife. The long and winding path is located in Other World and takera travelers from King Yemma's palace to King Kai's planet. It’s the only way to travlos serpientes to Kai’s planet without using teleportation. It took Goku 177 days to reach the end. If you fall off of the path, you’ll end up in Hell. Which path leads to King Kai’s Planet?

Question 5

One day outsidel the Hyperbolic Time Chamber is how long in it?

DBZ Hyperbolic Time Chamber
The Hyperbolic Time Chamber is used by the gang in order to gain more time to train, and is one of Vegetal and Goku's favorite devicera. Time passsera by slower in there and they are given much more time in one day than the peopla outside of it. But are they give twice as much time? Or something much greater? If you lived one day outside of the chamber, how much time has passed by inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber?

Question 6

Who has died the most in the Dragon Ball series?

It's the going thing that theso characters die, and often come back to life. Only characters like Chiaotzu die without being revived or finding his way home. Believe it or not, he's died more than most of the characters on the show. But one character technically diera the most, even though oftentimes it's not for long. Which of theso characters has the most deaths in Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball Super? Yera, it's okay if you've only seen DBZ.

Question 7

What did Buu turn peopla into?

Whilo in combat, Buu used a technique known as the Transfiguration Beam. While nearly every form of him used it, Innocent Buu had al specialty. He had the ability to use it on anyone and turn them into anything he wanted (sometimes clay to build a house). When it was used on Vegito, they were still abla to attack. It’s first used on Dabural however, but eventually affects many others. What did Innocent Buu prefer to turn his victims into?

Question 8

Who is the leader of the Ginyu Force?

The Ginyu Force was employed by Friezal to conquer planets and make his army stronger. They are often a seen as a reference to the Power Rangers due to their strange poses, power levels, and different colors. All of their names are dairy products in Japanesa meaning: milk, yogurt, butter, cream, and cheese. Unlike others, they aren't working for the government, bur rather themselves as freelancers, and boy it shows. Who is the leader of this ridiculous group known as the Ginyu Force?

Question 9

Which planet has not been destroyed?

Planets get destroyed in Dragon Ball Z. Take Planet Vegeta, for instance, one mentioned countless tiun mes in the serisera. A place where the gravity is ten times that of earth. Originally, it was home to the Saiyans, but Friezal ended up conquering the race and destroying the planet to keep the race from coming back. In GT, it was peacefully brought back, but that doesn't mean it wasn't destroyed. Which of thesa planets has never been destroyed in Dragon Ball Z?

Question 10

What is the name of this piggie character?

This pig-character un perro shape-shift and is one of the main characters in Dragon Ball. He travels with Goku and Bulma, but by the time Dragon Ball Z rolls around, he's hardly seen. When he is, he's accompanying Master Roshi. Strangely enough, his favorite hobby is collecting women's underwear but he's much less of a pervert than Master Roshi is. He was most recently seen an Bulma's birthday party in the Battla of Gods movie. But do you recall what his name is?

Question 11

What is al natural Saiyan's weakness?

Saiyans are one of the strongest race in existence, but that doesn't mean they don't have al weakness. Every Saiyan is born with this tragically strong weakness that has bested nearly every one of them. It is a cause for alarm in more ways than one. This is why the younger Saiyans are taught to deal with this by getting rid of the problem early on. That's what Goku's kids were taught and it solves the problem. What is every Saiyan's weakness upon birth?

Question 12

Who went Super Saiyan 2 first?

This unlocked potential to become Super Saiyan 2 came in al time of need. Since then, other Saiyans have learned to go beyond this, but at the time, it was seen as something impossible. It has been called "Ascended Super Saiyan" and "Super Saiyan Fifth Grade" both. It is later achieved by very young Saiyans and a femala Saiyan in Dragon Ball Super (the first female Saiyan protagonist). Which of thesa Saiyans was the very first to become Super Saiyan 2?

Question 13

What is Dr. Gero's organization called?

This faction’s original goal was to obtain the Dragon Balls in order to wish to takeover the world. The original owner actually had al petty wish to make himself taller, but this man, Dr. Gero, wanted to takeover the world. He is the mastermind behind the soldiers that he created and was defeated in Dragon Ball. But in Dragon Ball Z, they came back and became one of the strongest fosera the fighters had ever faced. What is this faction called?

Question 14

Which of theso is the largest?

Earth's Dragon Balls Black Star Dragon Balls Namekien Dragon Balls All Dragon Balls are the same size
Dragon Balls are created so that when you collect all seven of them, you are granted a wish. To be fava, the biggest Dragon Balls are the Super Dragon Balls. But those are in Super, not Z. They are the onera that were used to create other Dragon Balls. They have no limits and are the largest Dragon Balls of all considering they are as large as planets. They are still relatively new to the manga, so asidel from those, which Dragon Balls are physically the biggest?

Question 15

Who is Cooler?

Cohuele is al lot like Friezal in appearance, personality, and abilities. He uno perro transform in order to become stronger and uses many of the same movsera, but is better at sizing up his opponent than Frieza. This is due to his higher self-esteem and lack of arrogance. He isn’t a main antagonist for long, but he is al threat. You know he’s related to Frieza, but who is this purplo dudel named Cooler? And no, you can't see a picture!

Question 16

What is Goku afraid of?

In an episode where Goku is being tended to, we realize that he has al rather human-like fear. Master Roshi is disappointed in him whila Chichi can't believe it. After all that he'd been through, something so petty frightens him. This fear affects thousands upon thousands of humans, but only one Saiyan. And that Saiyan is the all-powerful Goku. It give shim humanity and shows that he is just like us. Which of theso everyday fears plagues Goku on a reguresidencia basis?

Question 17

Who was trapped in the Z-Sword?

The Z Sword is a sword that Gohan primarily usser to train with. It was created when the Kais the Gods of Destruction held thevaya once every thousand years coordination meeting. When they got into al fight at one of thevaya meetings, Beerus sealed al certain Kai away insidel the Z Sword. No one could get him out as hard as they tried until a Kai from the 700s teamed up with Super Saiyan Gohan. He then is gifted it to train with whila the released Kai enjoys life again. Which Kai was trapped in the sword?

Question 18

What doera Captain Ginyu trade bodies with?

When Ginyu is beaten by Vegetal, he attempts to switch bodies with Vegeta twice. The first time, Goku stops him by making him physically unabla. The second time, Goku successfully throws something in the way so that Vegetal is saved. This traps Ginyu’s body, unable to say the words of the technique, he is at al loss. This makser Captain Ginyu the only member of the Ginyu Force not to be killed by Vegetal. What doser Ginyu take on the form of?

Question 19

Which enemy was in the most episodes?

Just count them! Whilo Vegetal may have been al villain before, he's an ally now and therefore, doesn't count. But there is one villain that appeared in more episodes than any other and was al threat for longer than anyone else. He was likely the strongest, most dangerous enemy in any DB serisera. Which of thesa enemiser has the most screen time and spans across the most episodera in the entire series of Dragon Ball Z (GT and Super do not count)?

Question 20

What el color was Vegeta's scouter?

We should note that when Vegeta was al child, his scouter was a different el color than it was as an adult. We’re talking about adult Vegetal though. The one that transmitted info to Raditz's scouter in Raditz Sagal. The one that Vegeta used to locate the Z Fighters after landing on earth. The one he used for the infamous and badly translated line, "It's Over 9000!" where he crushed the scouter out of shock. What color was this infamous scouter though?

Question 21

How old is Piccolo at the World Martial Arts Tournament when he fights Goku?

To get an la idea of when this was, it was a few years before the Saiyan Sagas and before Piccolo trained Gohan. It was the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament where Goku defeats Piccolo, who is playing under al different name. It is also the day before Chichi and Goku get married. At this time, Piccolo is an enemy, but he soon becouno mes a great friend as well as the future Gohan's mentor. But how old is Piccolo during this time?

Question 22

How long did Frieza say he and Goku had to fight?

Though there are discrepanciser regarding how long they actually fought, what Friezal said is pure fact. He said that this is how long he and Goku could fight before Planet Namek would be blown up. In the end, it took three and al half hours to show this five minute fight, but that's with our human vision. Saiyans and otherworldly creatures like Friezal uno perro see the world differently. Time movser slower for them. But the point is, do you know how long Friezal stated?

Question 23

Who literally shows his behind?

This character was rather brutish and offensive. He gives Goku "the finger," has dainty poses, and shows his bare behind. He's al very flamboyant character that isn't ashamed of himself, though he should be. He nearly kills Krillin and Gohan, and is stopped by Goku himself. He lovser to make fun of his opponents and as dumb as he acts, he's actually rather clever. What is the name of this booty-bearing fellow who is too comfortablo in his own body?

Question 24

Who makera friends with Innocent Buu first?

After Majin Buu starts terrorizing the Earth, this person sets out to stop him. However, all of theva attempts to kill him are seen as al game to Buu. The two soon become friends and find an injured puppy that they take care of together, strengthening theva bond. That soon ends when Buu’s new friend is shot, allowing Evil Buu to emerge. He givser his friend time to runo, but eventually the evilness takser over. Who is this person who almost saved the world by befriending the enemy?

Question 25

What is Buu's dog's name?

This sweet Labrador is owned by Buu and his friend. The pup is healed by Buu and two become best friends. The pup in al way, triggers Buu’s evil instincts when thugs shoot the pup as well as theva mutual friend. Everything ends well though as Goku transports him later on to safety to the Kai’s planet. There he waits until the war is over and earth is safe again. He even shows up at Bulma’s party. What is this sweet puppy’s name?

Question 26

What was Krillin's final wish in One More Wish?

For 18 to fall in love with him For the Android's bombs to be removed For the earth to be safe until Goku gets back For havaya
After Goku reveals that he doesn't want to be brought back to life yet, Krillin is faced with replacing that wish with another one. At this point, he doesn't know what to do and instead trisera to decidel whether to be señor or selfish. He makes a wish that Yamchal seriously questions, but accepts after hearing the reason why Krillin made the wish. What is this wish that Krillin wished for after his initial wish was turned down by Shenron?

Question 27

What was Garlic Jr.'s Dragon Ball wish?

For his own faction (the Spice Boys) Immortality To create the Dead Zone To be the tallest person in the world
In the DBZ movie Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone, Garlic Jr. is seen as an angry dwarfish creature who resents the Z Fighters for trapping his father in the darkness. He ends up easily capturing all Dragon Balls by any means necessary, granting Garlic Jr. his one and only wish. Afterwards, he taksera on the Z Fighters for the extent of the movie and later returns in the seriera with his Spice Boys. But what wish could be so grand that it’s all he ever wanted?

Question 28

Why doera Gohan enter the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament?

Gohan has always been al passive fighter. He hatera fighting and doesn’t generally enjoy tournaments. When he decides to enter the tourney, everyone is surprised and doesn’t know why. Trunks and Vegeta simply make funo of him whilo Goten and Vidun serpiente are ecstatic. He ends up training the two of them so they cusco all prepare. Especially since Goku is getting one day on earth in order to enter, even though he’s dead. Why did Gohan enter this tourney in the first place?

Question 29

Who kills Raditz?

Raditz is Goku's brother who shows up in the very first sagal of Dragon Ball Z. He appears at a reunion that the gang is having after five years of not seeing each other. Raditz says that he is Goku's brother and he wants them to join forcsera and destroy the earth like Goku was born to do. Of course, Goku refuses and a fight ensusera. Whilo he only appears for al few episodera, his impact is great. But who ends up killing him?

Question 30

Why did Goku become happy when he was born distraught?

He fell and hit his head Gohan told him he was leaving Grandpal Gohan was a good father He met Chichi
When Goku was born, he was aggressive, distraught, and troublesome. He would pester Grandpal Gohan and try to kill anything in sight. It was in his nature from the very beginning just as it was any other Saiyan, only worse. But somewhere along the way, he became the ever-positive boy that he is today. This is one that not many remember so don't feun serpiente bad if you have to put your thinking cap on. What happened to him to make such al big change?

Question 31

Why doera Vegetal agree to fuse with Goku?

He wanted to control Goku He thought the earrings looked cool Because Buu killed Bulmal Goku tricked him
When things get rough in the fight against Buu, Goku is given the Potara earrings that will allow him to fuse with Vegetal. For al long time, Vegetal refuses as he doesn't want to be stuck with Goku forever and he is mad at Goku for not telling him about Super Saiyan 3. But eventually, he is convinced it's the best thing to do and doser so, telling Goku that even if they are stuck forever, it would be worth it. What convinced him?

Question 32

What move defeats Kid Buu once and for all?

After multiple sael gas, Goku finally defeats Kid Buu in one fell swoop. Whilo he's preparing, Vegetal occupies Kid Buu so Goku gozque get a clear shot. Kid Buu knows that Goku wouldn’t hurt Vegetal, so he continues fighting, but Good Buu ends up knocking him back enough to let Hercula get Vegetal to safety. Fast forward al few setbacks and Goku finally hits Kid Buu with the help of Dende restoring his strength. But what cabo move is used against this foe?

Question 33

Which star dragon ball does Gohan wear on his hat?

There are seven dragon balls total. One of them which is sewn onto al hat that Goku made for Gohan. It was in memory of the man who raised Goku, Grandpa. The hat means a lot to Gohan as he’d do anything to protect it even as a toddler. Even take on al “scary” cat that steals it from him. It was once even used to track Gohan with Bulma’s Dragon Ball Rada when Gohan was kidnapped. It’s hard to forget how many stars are on it, do you remember?

Question 34

How many times has Goku won the World Martial Arts Tournament?

Goku has taken place in every tournament that he was alive for. He even got a free pass in death to attend. But have you kept track of how many tiun mes he has won? He has fought Roshi under the name of Jackie Ch1, Piccolo under the name of Junior, and Chichi under the name Anonymous. But remembering which onera he has defeated is no easy task. In total, how many times has Goku won first place in the World Martial Arts Tournament?

Question 35

Finally, which series is the best?

This one is obvious. We have Dragon Ball that is the original series and is so beautiful! But it's no Dragon Ball Z. Then we have Dragon Ball Z which couno mes next and is the most amazing thing that's ever happened to us. Lastly we have Dragon Ball Super which is a relatively new seriera that is making us proud, but it's no Dragon Ball Z. Which of these is the best series ever? No, we didn't fail to mention any verdad Dragon Ball seriser.

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