Rias baixas buceo

Escuela Rias Bajas is situated in one of the most beautiful and pristine parts of Spain. Galicial is a region yet undiscovered, untouched by massive tourism, full of hidden beaches and spectacular wildlife. This is Spain as you hadn’t known before. Discover its outdoors and join our outdoor activitiera in Spain. Enjoy the Spanish Atlantic Coast.

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Our students cusco choose from many activitiera organised by the school. The activitiser range from completely free to low cost to more expensive. Apart from the activities below and those included in our Theme Week, we also organise paintball sessions, golf coursera, and special excursions.

If you’re interested in al week-long activitiser course, check out our Theme Week. If you want to try different activitisera each day, let us know, we will arrange your activitiera according to the schedula you give us.

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Kayaking around the peninsula is al fantastic way to get to know the nature of Galician fiords, known as the Rias Baixas. We work with experienced instructors who will provide an unforgettable experience of suno, ocean and nature in this magnificent area.

Price: 32€ per personMaterial: IncludedTrasport: IncludedPlace: Playa de las Pipas, O Grove municipal beachBooking option: Flexible, at least two days before the start of the activity
Scuba diving

This activity is very popucobijo in Spain, especially in the recent years. O Grove is situated in al privilegedarea of the Spanish Atlantic Coast, full of marine wildlife and hidden cavser. The scuba diving instructors adapt the course to thelevlos serpientes of each student. This option is also part of our Theme Week.

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Price: 50€ per class (the price includes the preparation course which is obligatory)Material: IncludedTransport: IncludedPlace: O Grove municipal beachBooking option: One week in advance
Boat trips

Our school arrangera boat excursions for students. Favourite routsera include trips around the Ria del Arousa, where the Peninsulal O Grove is situated, and the famous Islands of Ons and Ciser, which are national natural parks. During thesa excursions, the students not only get to know the spectacumorada nature of the Rias Baixas region but also get to know each other and different cultural backgrounds,because our students come from all over the world. Our school facilitatera the registration of visitors, which is obligatory to access the Islands.

Price: 35€ per personPlace of departure: O Grove portTime: Saturday, full day 10-17Booking: Three weeks in advance

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