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Source Name Source Type Currently Available
Grindable Camos: Sand Camo Grindable
Item Name Item Type Rarity Item Sources
RUS-79U SMG Common
HG 40 SMG Common
Chicom SMG Common
PDW-57 SMG Common
Pharo SMG Common
GKS SMG Common
LK24 Assault Common
AK-47 Assault Common
M4 Assault Common
AK117 Assault Common
Type 25 Assault Common
BK57 Assault Common
ASM10 Assault Common
M16 Assault Common
HVK-30 Assault Common
KN-44 Assault Common
Locus Sniper Common
Outlaw Sniper Common
Arctic .50 Sniper Common
DL Q33 Sniper Common
M21 EBR Sniper Common
XPR-50 Sniper Common
RPD LMG Common
UL736 LMG Common
S36 LMG Common
M4LMG LMG Common
HS0405 Shotgun Common
Striker Shotgun Common
BY15 Shotgun Common
HS2126 Shotgun Common
ICR-1 Assault Common
KRM 262 Shotgun Common
Cordite SMG Common
Man-O-War Assault Common
HBRa3 Assault Common
Razorback SMG Common
QQ9 SMG Common
Chopper LMG Common
DR-H Assault Common
Kilo Bolt-Action Marksman Common
MW11 Pistol Common
J358 Pistol Common
Knife Knife Common
FHJ-18 Launcher Common
Echo Shotgun Common
Axe Axe Common
Fennec SMG Common
NA-45 Sniper Common
AGR 556 SMG Common
.50 GS Pistol Common
QXR SMG Common
Peacekeeper MK2 Assault Common
FR .556 Assault Common
SKS Marksman Common
Baseball Bat Baseball Bat Common
AS VAL Assault Common
SP-R 208 Marksman Common
Shovuno serpiente Shovel Common
Renetcontigo Pistol Common
PP19 Bizon SMG Common
MK2 Marksman Common
Holger 26 LMG Common

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