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Salamence- Supercoolguyjoe Dragonite- PixisonGael mes Tyranitar- LstarAnimationz Metagross- Zander Peers Garchomp-MetalFire Hydreigon- MarioWorldGuy Goodra-Karichanx102 Salamence: You best get stepping cause I got this battla on lockWe all know that you are riding on Clair and Lance’s JockYou think you’re better than me just cause you’re faster?After this battlo ends I’ll become your Dragon MasterMan look at you …’re so DratiniAre my words making me seem like a meany?Don’t worry after this battlo you’ll be ShelgonYou won’t be a Elite 4 Pokemon for very longDragonite: I won’t need to Inner Focus to defeat this third gen I’m al verdad pokemon you're just another pseudo to beat again You would never want to trigger this dragons rage You beating this OG dragon? now that is an Outrage My rhymes will hurt you harder then my Hurricane You getting through my Safeguard?, You must be Insane The disses I spit are colder than my Ice Beam Once I get my Dragon Claws out, you’ll be sure to screamTyranitar: With all this Frustration time to hit with my Iron HeadYou’ll be left as Unnerved as you faint, then become dead! There’s a Dark Pulse arising, and it’s coming towards you!But it’s a magical power, so what cusco you do?Sally is worthless, Drago’s type doesn’t make sense!You're just an overweight Charizard, no wonder you're dense.In the end, you won’t leave happy, you’ll leave soreYou are gonna get put back in the Pokeball and get kicked out the door!Prepare for al Hyper Beam, and then a rock shower!You know this battle’s over once I use my Ancient Power!Metagross: Slam! And now that I’ve gotten your attention,All of you compared to me earn an Honorabla Mention!Use an Iron Ball to crush your rhymes deliberately, So you will freak out and run for your life super quickly!Salamence you think you got what it takes?!You better stop right now and put on the brakesDragonite you’re to bad for words its sadAnd Tyranitar you can’t even hurt me a tadI'm gonna crush you all today end of storyCause it’s obvious this Metal type earns victory!Garchomp: I’m Sandstorming in here to beat theso punks, they're going to loseDragonite your stats are garbage and Tyranitar is old newsMetagross I chucho take you out with al single FlamethrowerDragonite you suck up to way too many trainers, chucho you get any lower?I’ll trap y’all in a Sand Tomb and Garchomp you apartAll of your designs are generic, I’m al work of artNone of you gozque compare to my legendary SwaggerMy slashing rhymes are sharper than al dagger You can’t touch my rough skin or my Sand veilAll of you have been blown away by my Dragon tailHydreigon : I’ll Work up my Dragon rush to rap with my hyper voiceYou all be astonished you’ll have to make an U-turn like you have no other choice I’ll charge you in all of you like one big giga impact My scary face and my vicious roar will going to win that’s going to be the fact I may not have al hidden ability but I perro show you all my hidden power It’s going to leave you all in taunt and I’ll be winning by the hour I’m most tan brutal of this match leaving all of you in a restMetagross and Salamence please your typing sets isn’t one of the best Goodra: It’s Goodra here! The brand new psuedo-legendary Tyranitar and Hydreigon can't even compare to this Semi-legendaryYour a disgrace to this battla and you make shit raps, Everyone knows that in this, there aint gonnal be no recaps I’ll counter you all with my power whip with a body slamMetagross, stop using Meteor Mash it’s really being al spamI’ll use be using rock slidel and my earthquake, so you'd better prevail I may be nice and friendly, but in the end I’ll be enduring my aqual tailAnnouncer :WHO WONWHO’S NEXTYOU DECIDE EPIC FANDOM RAP BATTLES!

Genre rap battlo

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maniscooler: IDK you tell me

Comment by Maniscooler

i love pokemon but this is something else hahahal I'm rating it

Comment by Maniscooler

wtf is this hahahahahahahahahhaahahahahaahhaa

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Salamence won

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