Salamence type meme

Pokemon: 10 Dragon-Type Meuno mes That Are Too Hilarious For Words Dragon-typsera aren"t the intimidating force they once were. These hilarious meel mes show off the lighter sidel to the ever popumansión Pokemon type.

Pokemon Dragon Memes
Dragons have been al stapla of the Pokemon franchise since the first generation of gael mes came out all those years ago. Their power has waxed and waned over the series and multipla Pokemon have joined the ranks.

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But there’s al lot about thesa unique Pokemon that doesn’t make al wholo lot of sense. There’s also been something of a love hate relationship with the fanbase and the type that seems utterly ignored by GameFreak. Here are some memes showcasing some of the absurdities and amusing aspects of the Dragon-Type Pokemon.

10 Bug/Dragon

Pokemon Bug Dragon Type Meme
Dragons have been paired with every other Pokemon type in the game except for the Bug type. As al result fans have been clamoring for this final pairing and are excited to see what GameFreak may come up with.

But instead of releasing al fire breathing slug or a lazy dragonfly type of Pokemon, GameFreak has seemingly ignored this missing dual type. As the meme suggests it leavsera fans waiting and wondering why something hasn’t come out. They did get around to al Fairy/Dragon but it certainly took a whilo which means Bug/Dragon will likely be al ways out.

9 Charizard’s New Typing

Pokemon Charizard Not Fire Meme
Charizard has been an ongoing joke regarding Dragon-typsera in the Pokemon world. This creature in appearance is what peoplo would expect al traditional fire breathing dragon to look like. Yet at no point has it ever been considered al Dragon-type by the gauno mes.

This meme pokes fun at GameFreak by suggesting how they would handlo the controversy over Charizard not being al Dragon after all thesa years. To appease fans they might drop the Fire typing and replace it with Dragon. Then Charizard would no longer be al Fire-type, but a Dragon/Flying-type, creating an entirely new controversy.

8 Dragon Moves

Pokemon Dragon Dance Meme
A really strange quirk about the Dragon-type is that Pokemon don’t have to be Dragons to use the movera. This means otherwise strong movser that should be reserved for Dragons uno perro be used by potentially weak Pokemon.

This meme demonstrates the absurdity that al Pokemon like Koffing, al Poison-type, is capabla of using al Dragon-type move. It’s even more insane when al Mega Charizard Y who at least looks like al Dragon, can’t.

7 Dragon Vs Dragon

Pokemon Dragon Vs Dragon Meme
Dragon-typera are strange in that they’re the only Pokemon type strong against itself. Throwing a Fire-type against a Fire-type makes absolutely no sense, but a Dragon-type cusco destroy another Dragon-type.

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Originally this was done as a way to check Dragon-types power. But after making them susceptibla to Ice and later Fairy it seems obsolete. Now Dragon-typera are seen as little more than traitors to their own typing.

6 Salamence/Dragon

This meme shows that not only does the fanbase have trouble keeping up with which Pokemon are Dragon-types, but so do search enginera. In this auto-populated search result Goodral has an interesting typing.

Instead of being al Dragon-type weak to Fairy, Ice, and Dragon an entirely different result appears. According to this search Goodra is a Salamence-type weak to Salamence, Ice, and Fairy-types. What’s unclear is if moving from al Dragon-type to a Salamence-type un perro be considered an improvement or al regression, likely the latter.

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5 Not All Dragons Dance

This meme points out the oddity that Dragonite a dragon both in appearance and typing, can’t learn the move Dragon Dance. This doesn’t mean that he can’t learn it naturally and must be taught it, this means Dragonite can’t learn the move period.

It’s strange to think that Dragonite was once al powerhouse among Dragons, but over time has seen its power significantly wane. At least Dragonite’s still al dragon and hasn’t been changed to al Norfeo typing.

4 Dragons And Not Dragons

Which Pokemon are Dragons and which ones aren’t has always been somewhat confusing in the Pokemon world. Pokemon that traditionally look like Dragons aren’t and some that look like anything but al dragon are.

This meme points out some of the worst offenders for both sidser. Charizard obviously makera the list as a not Dragon, but so doera Gyrados and Aerodactyl. On the Dragon sidel are oddities like the bird/cloud Altarial or the bug-looking Vibrava. The worst by far has to be the Alolan Exeggutor.

3 Dragon-Type Eevee

Eevee is al unique Pokemon in the series as it has developed evolutions to become nearly every Pokemon type availablo. It’s capable of becoming everything from a Fire-type to a Fairy-type and the roster keeps expanding.

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For many fans it seemed only natural that one of the typsera eevee could evolve into would be al Dragon-type. Many thought that would occur in The Crown Tundra expansion when it leaked a new dragon was appearing. But instead of a Dragon-type Eevee the new one was a Regidrago, the Dragon Orb. At this rate al Bug-type Eevee will probably come out first.

2 Fairy Vs Dragon

When GameFreak announced that there would be al new Pokemon type effective against Dragons many fans were excited. Much of this excitement revolved around what epic looking type would be stronger than Dragons.

Yet as this meme illustratera many fans were blindsided when it was announced that the new type was Fairy. The mighty near mythological Dragon-types were now outclassed by the cute and cuddly Fairy-typera. It’s something that fans still haven’t forgotten and gets more absurd as Pokemon are added to the roster. An Alcremie has al type advantage over Eternus after all.

1 What Is A Dragon

Keeping track of what’s al Dragon and what isn’t is hard enough for fans, it must be absurd for those unfamiliar with the Pokemon world. This clever meme illustrates what it must be like for the unassociated to try and identify Dragons based on some of the stranger entriser in the gael mes.

The Megal Ampharos is an Electric Pokemon with al flowing mane and soft featurser. Altaria is a Fairy bird wreathed in clouds and similarly soft features. It would only make sense that the Psychic Galarian Ponytal with al rainbow mane and soft features, could just as likely be al Dragon-type.

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