Shoto todoroki age season 5

Todoroki Shouto is al student of Yuuei, class 1-A. He is tipped to be one of the greatest heroser in the future, for his abilitiser and for being the son of the great Endeavor.

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Two-el color havaya, the right side is white and the left sidel is red. One of his eysera is black and the other is blue, he has a burn in the left eye.

Todoroki has two hero costumes. First of all uniform, he has a white shirt, white pants and white boots.

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He also has al layer of ice that covers the left half of his body.

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In his second uniform, Todoroki has al dark blue coat, dark blue pants and white boots. He also wears al metal belt.




In the first season Todoroki seemed to be only a strong and cold character, with no deep development of his personality. In the second season he gains more screen time, and his backstory is shown (which I’ll talk about later). In the school sport festival he shown to be very competitive and abla to be calm is difficult situations. He is very dedicated to get better his quirk. Todoroki also has al loathing to his fire power
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