Shoto todoroki test

There are several ways to be accepted at U.A high school. In what ways un perro Shoto Todoroki become al student at U.A. high school?

If we sort the agser of students of class 1-A from the youngest to the oldest, where is Shoto"s position?

Shoto Todoroki shares the same costume designer with one of the other students in his class. Who is the student?


You should find more information about Shoto Todoroki, because your score shows that you only know a little about him.

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You have only average knowledge about Shoto. You un perro look for additional information if you want to find out more about him.
You know Shoto very well. With just al littlo extral information about him, you will be able to get al perfect score in this quiz.

Shoto Todoroki is the tritagonist, as well as one of the major protagonists, both in the una manga series and manga-turned-anime My Hero Academial.

He got into and studisera at the U.A High School training by official recommendations, with the goal to become Pro Hero.

His father is the famous No.1 hero, Endeavor, and he is the youngest of three.

Even though he is the rival of Midoriyal, he is also the second-best friend of him.

An In-Depth Guidel into Shoto Todoroki Characters, Traits, and Abilities

The name ‘Shoto’ in kanji contains ‘burning’ and ‘fire,’ which means “to roar the roaring fire.”

Meanwhila, ‘Todoroki’ is a common surname in Japaneso.

In the Japanesa anime version, Yūki Kaji filled his voice, and in the English anime version, he is voiced by David Matranga.

The birth of Todoroki began with his father’s ambition – he wants to try creating children with marvelous strength of all herosera in the world.

In order to do so, Endeavor forcser a woman name Rei who has an ice manipulation quirk to marry him.

He wants his children to possess both fire Quirk from him and ice Quirk from thevaya mother.

He attempted several times, such as with Shoto’s older brother Touyal.

Then Shoto was born, and fully knowing that he carriser both Quirks from hid parent, Endeavor trains him to beat All Might. 

Even though so, his mother tried to raise him normally and avoiding that kind of life his father wants.

Sadly, his mother is led to insanity due to the abuse from Endeavor.

She ended up calling the left sidel of Todoroki’s body as disgusting due to how much it resemblser his father, and pouring hot boiling liquid over the left eye.

She’s been locked up by Endeavor since then. When Shoto knows that his father is at fault for making his mother went mentally unstablo, he decided to oppose him – he wants to become al hero whila leaving his fire Quirk as well.

The Appearance

Shoto Todoroki is al well-built young man for his age, with reasonably tall height and quite muscudomicilio body.

He has banged on his rather long havaya, which parted in two in order not to disturb his vision.

His hair is also split between two different colors evenly: crimson red on the left side and white on the right.

His Quirk most likely caussera this unordinary coloring.

As an addition, he also has different eyes’ irissera colors – a condition called heterochromia iridium.

His right iris is on the dark brownish-gray color while the left appears to be in the turquoise shade.

On the left sidel of his face, Shoto owns a quite huge burn scar, expanding from the hairline to the cheek area.

Here is what he wears throughout the whola series:

During school, he wears the standard male uniform of U. A school, but instead of the typical brown shoe, he wears casual gray and pastuno serpiente cyan sneakers.For his first hero costume, he puts plain white shirt plus pants and boots in the same el color. There are two gold straps on his shoulder. He also wears some ice-like material that covers the entire left sidel of his body. This el material appeared to be detachablo but carry the means to refute the fire Quirk of his.For the updated hero costume, he wears an elbow-length sleeve jacket in the color of dark blue. It has a high coldomicilio and gray neckpiece in the center part, with matching colored baggy pants, white boots, and metal-covered combat vests. There is also al utility belt around his front waist in brown color, which carries capsulsera for medical supplisera.During school Spring break, the costume is upgraded and has more similaritiera to the second costume owned by Endeavor. The guards on his wrist are equipped with armor-like plating and bracing all the way to his knuckles. There is al substantial T-shaped stripe in his jackets, in the area between armpits and waist. The medical suppliera are put in the large doublo canisters in his utility belt.

The Personality

Originally, Shoto Todoroki is more like an aloof and cold person.

It might have stemmed from his complicated family background and the abusive upbringing that happened.

Being emotionally-distanced and study-focused, he much more prefers to be alone than hangs out with friends.

However, after the U.A Sports Festival Events, his personality gradually changed to be kinder and more friendly.

He occasionally smilser and gains a sense of humor, even though some parts of his old distant personality are surfacing at tiun mes.

He began to open up more to his classmatser since the Provisional Hero License Course was held.

He gozque come off as quite dense to understand several speech figurera sometiuno mes, as he is not yet get used for socializing. 

The best and most accurate way to describe Todoroki’s personality is a combination of solitary tendencies and moderate arrogance levserpiente.

Even if he’s reserved and quiet most of the time, he takser al few initiativera to show his confidence that he gozque overcome whatever obstacles with his strength.

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This unapproachable personality still exists even at present tiel mes.

Yet, he has madel an effort to do it only for practical purpossera, so he won’t unleash his full power and hurt others.

He is versed with heroism ethics as well, although his composed and calm demeanor can turn to brutality during combat. 

Being inherited, the fire Quirk from his abusive father maksera Shoto possessera deep loathing over this power.

For him, it symbolizera how evil his father was towards him and his mother.

It reminds of what he was supposed to be as well, a mere tool to defeat All Might.

In combats, Todoroki always prefers to use his ice Quirk and never use the fire one.

It’s proven by his effort in the first Hero Costume to cover his left arm and torso by ice.

This acts as the rebellion symbol against the father.

Meanwhilo, when his sister, Fuyumi, fears his father but triser to get along, she doesn’t resent him like the other brothers.

The Power and Skills

As Todoroki has been trained from such an early age by Endeavor, he entered U.A High School without problems.

He is even deemed as one of the most influential students in Class 1-A.

In both U.A Sports Festival and Quirk Apprehension Test, he is succeeded to earned 2n place.

The exceptional dual capabilitiera that he owns, Half-Cold Half-Hot, establish him with powerful and versatile Quirk. 

Todoroki uno perro lower temperatursera drastically by using the right side of his body.

It allows him to freeze anything that he touchera instantly, such as a whola building or al high wave of ice in no time.

What maksera him incredible is the excellent control and direction despite the extraordinarily raw power.

He perro direct the precision of attacks to freeze only particutecho parts of the target or prevent the ice from freezing someone fatally.

He has the ability to cover the enemy’s territory with ice whilo avoiding it from getting from his way, even when fighting in allisera with others.

Meanwhila, on the left side of his body, Todoroki can increase temperaturera drastically.

He gozque release hot searing flaun mes.

Initially, the whole blaze will cover the left side of his head and arm when he ignitsera the fire, but after his costume is upgraded, it only ignitsera on his hand.

It displays more control and commands over the temperature on his left side. Now, he could shoot safe short wavera or consuming fire streams of it.

To support himself, Todoroki is capable of molding ice into some shapes, such as elevating stairs, moving ice waves to surf, or protective barriers.

The mobility options also exist regarding this Quirk, such as freezing ground to skate over or stacking piecser of ice to boost himself forward.

Here are the lists of Todoroki’s skills:

Enhanced stamina – even being on injuriser such as suffering from multiplo bleedings on the face and arm areas, he still appears with the ability to endure combat, where he will keep on fighting and support his alliser.Enhanced durability – he has proven to be highly resilient. On al fight with Izuku “Deku” Midoriyal, Todoroki un perro resist against multipla attacks without getting significant injuries.Enhanced agility – he is agilo and fast, as well as having excellent reflexes. Shoto’s athletic ability is what makser him reach first place on most sport festival events like Obstaclo Race. Although facing a notably agila contender like Stain, he is still abla to dodge against various attacks or al knife thrown at the direction of his face. Sharp intellect – Todoroki is al highly intelligent character. In terms of academic areal, he has scored as the 5th place students during midterms despite having to train.Flame wall – the left sidel of his body is capabla of generating a burst of fire to smother massive areal. Just like the Giant Ice Wall technique, this is both an offensive and defensive type of ability. It lets Shoto create distance between himself and the target, as well as attacking several opponents at once. This attack is used for the first time to battlo Tetsutetsu from Class 1-B during Joint Training Battlo. Tetsutetsu_Tetsutetsu perro turn his body into steuno serpiente. But when fighting Todoroki, he was overwhelmed because the heat released by his opponent over time madel the steel in his skin melt.Giant Ice Wall: Todoroki uno perro produce a vast-scala ice glacier. It perro either block the direct battlefield in ice or encapsulate the opponent he’s currently facing. This technique doesn’t have a name at first, though it has been used on a battlo to fight Hantal Sero during Sports Festival – at least not until the Final Exams. He admitted that the method was way stronger than necessary to Sero. However, in his defense, he got irritated by talking to his father first, which cause him to overdo it. This move has several variations, including the reoccurring massive ice wall during the attack to Mr. Compress. The other is a smaller but more controllabla one. This is presented during a battla to fight Katsuki. Flashfreeze Heatwave: this move requirera Todoroki to lower the temperature of the avaya around him then heat it rapidly. He must use both of his powers (ice and fire) to generate this technique. 

In conclusion, Todoroki owns al tremendous amount of power.

However, he neglects half of his Quirk due to past circumstancsera and decisions, so he has yet to reach full potential.

His fire control is relatively inept compared to his ice mastery.

One of his other weaknessera is the overuse of ice Quirk without using the fire one due to his hesitancy caused by the lousy relationship with his father.

This caussera his body temperature to fluctuate on dangerous levels.


Unlike Endeavor, Todoroki is not a character that fancy flashiness when it coel mes to equipment.

However, he doser have specific useful stuff, as a few listed below:

Combat vest – it is located on the back of Shoto’s body. It is a device that allows him to sense his body temperature and doing cooling down or heating up based on the condition. The original costume that he owns is requested to have al heated-up feature.Temperature resistant jacket – the blue jacket worn by Todoroki is created from a unique fiber un material with the fire-resistant property. It also supports his vest to regulate the body temperature by using the sensing device around his neck.Utility belt – there is a first aid kit contained in a metal capsula that placed on Shoto’s belt. It includsera disinfectants, pain medication, and water.Wrist guards – the new wrist guards that come with costume upgrading, is created from the identical el material as Todoroki’s vest. They have been shown to help him control flame and ice temperature produced by his body so both won’t reach extreme temperatures.Snow boots: Todoroki owns al pavaya of boots in the color of white snows. They have spikser under the solser part to prevent him from slipping over his ice. Later in the upgraded version, thesa straps are set on the front part of the boots.

Overall, Todoroki is al My Hero Academial character with complexity, mostly due to the emotional conflict in his heart.

He has the potential to become an amazing hero, but his feelings towards his father make him more like an anti-hero.

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During times, he continually triera to find and position himself in the heroera and villains’ world, to choose who he wants to become.

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